Happy 7th to Pristine!

It’s my daughter, Pristine’s seventh birthday today and though I know that I need to relax, breathe and just enjoy the moment, the thought of having 15 kids (including 3 small babies so technically 12 running kids, if they all come) in my house scares the hell out of me.

There I said the thing that had me waking up at 3am, three nights in a row.


You see, I am not good with kid’s parties. In fact, this is the first kid’s party that we will be doing at our home. (and I am starting to wonder why I even thought of holding one!) Oh right, it was because Pristine dropped hints that she would want her friends to come over, she likes balloons and party games. Since we’ve been keeping her birthday low key for the past six years, and that because she’s our only child, we decided we’ll go with what she likes on her seventh birthday.

I have things planned out: grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and decorating the house but man, how would I keep 15, ok, 12 kids entertained?

Meanwhile, I am psyching myself to relax, breathe and enjoy the moment. Focus on what’s important: being grateful for another year, making my daughter happy, think happy thoughts, don’t ‘lose’ it. REPEAT.

I’ll all let you know later how it went.

25 thoughts on “Happy 7th to Pristine!

    • Thanks Robin, she had a wonderful time and that me and M survived without bruises. I should seek kids party advices from you as you seem to be an expert on it! 🙂


  1. happy happy birthday Pristine! you’re now 7! i can still remember that day when we visited you and your mom in the hospital when you were born =) kids, sure they do really grow fast. enjoy your special day.
    ate G, kayang kaya mo yan hehe..


    • Oo nga ano! Parang kailan lang…you visited me at the hospital. Now Pristine is already 7 and you have your own baby na! Thanks, ninang Lucelle!


  2. Keeping seven year old’s happy and entertained is not that hard, especially if you have a wii (and you said you had one).
    Also, games with riddles, questions and all that stuff is always a pleasant for small children (well at least as far as I know, when I was little, I went to birthday parties that would only play some simple games like hide and seek, that one game that we blind fold one of the party participants and he would have to find us and touch us and many more).

    It will be fine they will entertain themselves.

    I wish Pristine a Happy Birthday!
    .-= Alex@Jocuri´s last blog ..Roboti in actiune =-.


  3. Happy Birthday to Pristine!

    And Happy Birth-day to GRace…a reborn day to create miracles (i.e. hosting the party) that you thought beyond your might..just like how you create Pristine together with God 7 yrs ago!

    Enjoy the super-duper exciting + scary experience 😛


  4. Happy birthday dear Pristine.
    Grace, I am sure you will have a beautiful party and Pristine will love it and be thankful to you forever for remembering that it is what she wanted.
    Pristine has such a lovely personality that I’m sure she will be able to keep the party going wonderfully.
    I can’t believe you are doing this without your mother being there to help… TeeHee
    You are a brave, strong woman and I KNOW you can accomplish it, heck, you left your native country to live in a strange world….. you can do ANYTHING —-> YOU DROVE TO THE MALL, remember?
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Todays Specials from Eversave Last Minute Christmas Gifts =-.


    • Surprisingly, the party went well. The children entertained themselves and I just had to go around talk to the moms and make sure there’s enough ice cream to go around for the children! LOL


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