The phrase “Working mother” is redundant

Hello beautiful undead people. Glad you can’t see me because I am looking like a zoombie today.

Since my mom left to spend Christmas with my father in the Philippines, I’ve been pooped with work and house work. I’ve been waking up extra early too, adding to that complete zoombie look.

Because my mom only cook a few times per week, mostly for herself (special dietary need) I am the one doing most of the cooking at home. And I am ok with that. However, things have greatly changed after she left for vacation last week. True, I am still cooking but on top of that, there’s


…hand washing some clothes (others are put in the machine)

…hanging and folding them

…mopping the floor

…tutoring Pristine.

* the husband has his share of chores too, washing dishes, taking the garbage out and cleaning the bathroom/toilets and taking the girl to school.

And then I have to work too. I’m exhausted and I’m always almost late for work every morning because I need to prepare Pristine’s lunch and snacks for school and another set to be left at the baby sitter’s house. I wish Dubai schools would have a cafeteria.

Oh yes it’s much easier than when we were in Japan. Pristine was left at the day care centre at 14 months and would be too clingy at the end of the day, leaving me with only one free hand most of the time. But now, she’s doing things on her own including bathing, eating, washing her lunch boxes and folding her own clothes so I am thankful.

But still tired.

After continuously standing for 4 hours running around the house yesterday (I took half day off because Pristine had fever and an earache), I fell flat on the couch and Pristine said, “Mama, you did so many things today.”

“Yeah, I did grocery shopping, driving, cooking, washing, cleaning, mopping, ironing, folding…”

That’s a lot of “ings”.

She interrupted, “But I know what’s your favorite! LOVING! Loving me. You never get tired of that, right?”

I hugged her and we rolled over in bed with her favorite book.


  1. Aw, I’m glad you do have your mother most of the time! I know I would be DEAD if I tried to work full time and be the mom! Good luck and good thing you have such a loving daughter! 🙂



  2. It was really nice to see and feel that in spite of your busy schedules and many things to do, there are still some people who ready willing to help you even just in a simple way , like what a lovely Pristine did to you.. in her simple way, she makes you happy. Love! Love! Love! Hugs and Kisses!



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