Chicken Lollipops

chicken lollipop

Today’s dish is so simple that it’s almost ridiculous to post about it. It’s just plain fried chicken, after all. But I know some people still struggle frying chicken – too damp, still raw on the inside, not crispy enough, too crispy. I know because those are all my mother in-law’s woes. *snicker*

By the way, this recipe branched out from last week’s Chicken Wings with Shiitake – the part that was connected to the wings. These are tiny little chicken parts that look like drumsticks but not. Pristine calls them, “Chicken Lollipops” so I’m going to call it that too. I’m going to explain it in 5 simple steps. After this, I hope nothing goes wrong with all the fried chicken that will come into your life.

UPDATED: Reader Wendy has pointed out that the chicken part I used is called a drumette. Thanks, Wendy!


  • Chicken (any cut really…but I used the small part near the wings from last week’s Chicken Wings with Shiitake)
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • salt
  • pepper
  • garlic, grated
  • cornstarch
  • oil for frying


1. MARINATE – Rub the grated garlic on the chicken parts and marinate it with juice of lemon, salt and pepper. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes but if you are antsy, 15 minutes will do. If you’re got plenty of time on the other hand, you can marinate it overnight. It’ll be more yummy.


Here’s where I share what I do to avoid that “Ewww, it’s still raw inside!” reaction to consumers of my kitchen stunts:

Do not fry raw chicken.

Five very important words of kitchen wisdom.

So what do I do? Pour the bowl of marinated chicken INCLUDING the marinate sauce/juice whatever you call it to the pan and let it SIMMER. Cover it if you must. If you’ve got very little juice, add a little water.

chicken lollipop - simmer

With 10 little chicken lollipops, I let it simmer for 10 minutes, covered, constantly checking on the liquid.

3.  COAT – Take the chicken out of the pan and coat them with cornstarch.

chicken lollipop - coat

4. FRY – Now on to the last part – nothing can really go wrong now (unless you burn the chicken, which I hope you won’t!) because the chicken is already thoroughly cooked. You only need to fry it to give that extra ooomph crispy feeling of a fried chicken so let’s go!

Heat oil and deep fry the coated chicken.

chicken lollipop - fry

5. SERVE – When it turns golden brown, remove from oil and place in plate with kitchen towel to drip off excess oil.


You can use real chicken drumstick and other chicken parts, you just need to up the marinate sauce, oil and do not forget to SIMMER before frying.


  1. These sound yummy.
    That part of the wing is called a drumette 🙂

    Chicken lollipops actually do exist, they are chicken drumettes turned inside out! Look really cool too! This video shows how to do them, the chef cracks me up!! lol



  2. Grace, here we go again more recipes!! We are supposed to be losing weight before Christmas. I thought with your Mom gone you guys would be eating out a lot and we would be seeing photos of your favourite restaurants. Oh No!! Food again, we can’t get away from it, might as well just submit!! Have a good week
    .-= Palm Tree Decor´s last blog ..Tropical Decor Books =-.



  3. Grace – I loved the tip on simmering the marinated chicken in the marinate juices before frying the chicken. I have never fried my chicken using cornstarch before but I think I will try it out and see how crispy my chicken comes out.

    I tried your Chicken Wings with Shiitake recipe and it was delicious. I’m sure the garlic marinated chicken is going to be good as well.
    .-= Jason´s last blog .. =-.



  4. This is quite delicious meal, great not just for Christmas but for maintaining healthy diet after some daily exercise. Thanks for posting the recipe here. I now can cook chicken lollipop on my own. I?ll have it prepared every breakfast and right after every work out, matching the toast and green leafy salad as my diet. For sure, I can achieve a healthy and well ?build body by such habit.



  5. Sounds yummy. Must try this. Been a lurker for some time now. have tried some of your recipes, with success! Am a ?lazy? cook watching out for simple,not too rich and complicated dishes that will raise my uric acid and cholesterol levels! hahaha. tall order, huh? love your blog!



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