Buying coupon for ‘Lucky draws’ illegal

cars outside mall - fatwa

Yesterday, a fatwa* was released by the official fatwa center in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi declaring that ‘lucky draws’ in which one buys a coupon to win a car, for example, is considered as gambling, therefore haram or unlawful in Islam.

* fatwa – an Islamic religious ruling, a scholarly opinion on a matter of Islamic law.

According to the fatwa,

It is not permissible to buy a coupon of a specific amount for the purpose of entry in a draw for a car, because it is a prejudice, so it is a sort of gambling.

So the question of many is, how about when supermarkets or department stores give out coupons to win a car with a certain amount of purchase? Is that illegal too?

They replied,

One who gets coupons for a draw as a result of buying goods from a shop, where the intention of the person was to buy the goods alone; and the coupons merely came along with the purchase, then it is allowed.

All good. I have more than a hundred coupons from a supermarket entered to win a Mercedez Benz.

8 thoughts on “Buying coupon for ‘Lucky draws’ illegal

  1. It was long accepted in UAE that strictly buying “raffle” tickets or luck draw coupons was anti-Islamic (not that it stopped them from legally happening in UAE!) but when you purchase something and get a coupon or draw as bonus – then it’s allowed.

    I wonder if Dubai Shopping Festival still gives away a Lexus every day.
    .-= Mezba´s last blog ..Chapter 112 ? Al Ikhlas The Purity =-.


  2. Well, they argue that you didn’t do the shopping to get the coupon, you just shopped to get the goods and because you shopped for such a large amount of money they rewarded you with a coupon.

    By they way, what’s with Arabs and Mercedez ?
    .-= Alex@Jocuri´s last blog ..Baby Sitter =-.


  3. Hmmm. What about if it was for a fundraiser for a school or something like that? Would that fall under the law too?

    I guess I’m really not sure what to think about this new law because it’s so different from the United States-I suppose if people are supporting it, then it’s a good thing!
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Follow Me Back Tuesday11-30 =-.


  4. Seriously, most of the fatwas are so ridiculous! And splitting hairs as to your “intent” makes it okay? It’s things like this that make other people look at Islam as crazy.


    • why would you say this? It is like gambling and gambling is considered bad in almost every society. So why would a good religion allow it followers to follow a bad thing. Secondly it is like when you purchase a ticket you give away your money and in return it is 99% chance you don’t win anything this is haram (forbidden). So it is good we are safe from these kind of so called modern world gifts.


  5. We should understand the point why islam Prohibited Gambling., that will make the sence for this fatwa,

    Dear Krista and kayla if you or your companions are buying theese raffle tickets using a major share of their salary will you encourage them…?.
    winner will be one or two.. and mostly not us.. thats my experience and i am telling this based on my own experience of spending lot of money for theese raffles and now i am happy that at least one religion in this world is against this.


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