I’ve been living in Dubai for almost four years now. It’s been a long time – long because we didn’t plan anything and thought the first summer would scar us for life and run back to the cold arms of Japan.

That did not happen (and not happening anytime soon).

During these almost four years, I haven’t been to any Debenhams store in Dubai. Unbelievable, I know! With all the big malls and people talking about the lovely dresses and clothes in Debenhams! Last week while waiting to catch a movie, Pristine and I went inside a Debenhams store (in Mirdif City Centre). Oh my!! Everything they said about the store is true! I rarely rave over dresses as I don’t buy them much anyway but the ones there? They are gorgeous and I want one or two…would I be too old to ask something from Santa?

A few nights back, a former neighbor in the Philippines, someone I am very close to like an aunt V finally opened a Facebook account and we had a chat. She had been livingin London for almost 20 years now.

Coincidentally, it was about Debenhams.

V: Hi Grace, can you give me your address so I can send a little gift for Pristine for her birthday next month?

Me: Yay, thanks!! Pristine will be delighted! My address is: xxx, xxx, xxx.

Then we talked about the wet, crappy weather in London, our daughters and other general mommy talk.

V: Hey, would you like a dress?

Me: Is this question for real?

V: Haha, of course! I take that as a yes – so what’s your size in UK sizing please?

Oh dear, the most difficult question in the world…

V: UK14?

Me: Hmmm, I think I’m a UK12 now.

US-UK size chart

V: Really? You have lost so much weight! UK12 is a slim size!

I started to get a bit edgy and sweaty.

Me: Well, I’ve been trying hard.

V: I plan to shop in Debenhams and I’ll pick something for you!

Me: Really!!! I’m so excited! But you don’t really have to do it.

Yeah right, as if I meant that!

V: So UK12 then huh?

Me: Oh wait, the holidays are coming and I don’t want to look constipated in the pictures…and I want to breathe properly, ‘ya know?

V: Your point please.

Me: errr, can we make it a UK14?

V: I thought that was big for you already?

Now, I don’t know what’s right anymore.

Me: Well, I just wanna be sure it’ll really fit me so it won’t be a waste, you know? Hee hee

V: Now you’re talking!


Seriously, I wanted a dress from Debenhams and now, I’ll be having one. I’m so excited that it doesn’t matter you all know my dress size now, haha!

Thank you, universe. People of the Earth, please pray I can get into it if it arrives after Christmas.


  1. Dubai sounds exotic and i have to admit that you are brave to take up such a challenge. How are you managing with the language, although i expect that such a cosmopolitan city to talk mostly English.



  2. Dubai is one of the most interesting places to go especially that they have been fast developing. It’s like a wish-come-true for you when your Aunt V offered you a Debenhams’ dress for Christmas. Let’s hope it will perfectly fit you. I’m sure she wasn’t kidding and you’ll get it this Christmas.



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