Three days off starts today

I’m writing this blog post from home and I will try to actually write something substantial. Or not. I don’t really blog at home because it seems that I can’t – I do all my blogging during breaks at work and nothing at home.

Today starts the three days Eid holidays for me and the rest of the UAE working population. Some have Monday-Wednesday and then back to work on Thursday while government officials and other luckier private sector employees won’t resume to work until next Sunday. Lucky, lucky bunch.

So I’ve got nothing laid out during this three days holiday. I’ve so far cleaned the house and the wardrobe closet and that’s pretty much it. I wanted to run outside but surprise of all surprises, I woke up from a short nap to the sound of RAIN on my room window! If you live in a very dry place where it rains only a few days per year, that is a very nice thing to wake up to. 

OK, nothing substantial – so I might not be blogging until I go back to the office on Thursday. Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Aw, rain already? You hardly got the pool going! I meant to tell you it snowed here last week! 😉 Nothing sticking, but it was definitely white coming down!
    We just got done with a 4 day weekend and traveling. It was nice, but traveling is most times more exhausting than just staying home!



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