YouGov Siraj – express your views and earn

If you’re reading this and you’re living in the Middle East (Attention Dubai friends!) or in North Africa, listen up. And if you’re living in these area AND would like to earn a little money the legit and easy way, well, sit down and read on.

Have you heard of UK’s leading online polling and market research companyYouGov? I bet you don’t and you’re not alone, so many people don’t including myself (until about two years ago). To make this short, YouGov has acquired Siraj Marketing Research and Consultancy in a deal that creates a new force in the growing research industry in the Middle East.


What does it mean to common people like you and me?

YouGov Siraj conducts online surveys, 10-15 minutes long on the average and each survey you complete earns you 100 points or $1. Did I get your attention now? Occassionally, there are long surveys that will be 200 points or $2.

When you complete 50 short surveys and reach 5000 points, they will send* your money through a money exchange center.

I know, I know, there are lots of scam sounding online surveys in exchange for moolah but this one is legit and I can prove it because I have received my first $50 some months ago and the second $50 is on the way.

Also, after completing each survey you will automatically enter a draw at the end of the month for an Ipod Nano (8 GB). (I haven’t won YET but you could or I could, soon?)

Anyway, all you need to do is signup and wait for survey announcements to come to your inbox. As simple as that, really.

I have to tell you though, that the surveys do not come often and it took a while for me to reach 50 surveys the first time but I say, who cares? No one will give me $50 even after weeks of standing outside or sitting in front of my PC checking Facebook (ahem). Good news is, the surveys are more frequent now that I’ve completed FIVE surveys since the beginning of this month.

I like doing surveys because I believe it gives consumer’s the collective voice to express themselves so I don’t mind answering polls SO, earning, however little, for it? Yeah!

If you want to ask questions, feel free to ask away! Or just  signup.

In case I sound like an electrolux salesman, have to get the word out that – I do not work for this polling company – I just want to spread the word when I found out this morning that NONE of my colleagues and people I know at work knows about this!

* You have the option to receive the $50 for yourself or donate to three different charity organizations: UAE Red Crescent, Jordan Red Crescent and Médecins Sans Frontières.


  1. I have to tell you Grace. I had a dream about you. I dreamt that we met each other. And you were not in Dubai but in Japan! It was wonderful because we were walking amongst the cherry trees in bloom. Now I have never been to Japan! So what do you think of that?



    1. Now what I think is that we should really meet. Soon! 🙂

      Thanks for telling me Maribeth…actually my husband and I just talked last night about going back to Japan for a vacation in APRIL next year so we can see the cherry blossoms.

      I’m having goosebumps…in a good way!



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