Despite proper documents, Filipinos face difficulty traveling to Dubai

right to travel

This is a follow up to that new rule imposed on Filipinos traveling to Dubai. “Due to the heavy work load” at the Philippine embassy here in Dubai, the document that I submitted for notarization is not yet ready.

First they said it would take FIVE, then TEN working days but now, it seems that it has increased to FOURTEEN as of this writing, from the stories circling in the Filipino community here. So it’s a struggle to get this affidavit done – with the waiting time and the time you’ll have to spend queuing outside embassy gates early in the morning.

But this is where it really sucks:

There had been so many stories that despite having ALL the documents, visa to enter the UAE and this notarized affidavit, many Filipinos have been told off at the airport after being “interrogated” ridiculous questions and they were not able to answer, like:

  • Do you have show money? –>> defeats the purpose of the Affidavit of Support that states that the sponsoring relative here in Dubai shoulders all the living expenses


  • Do you have an ATM card? –>> senseless question and what if the traveler has? It’s a personal possession!


  • How much is the cost of your ticket? –>> totally unnecessary and none of the airport personnel’s business!

… and God knows what other stupid questions just to scare the innocent (mostly) first time travelers! When the traveler can’t answer to any of these, he/she is threatened to be denied boarding unless you give something.  I’m sure that something is not the special peanut delicacy from your province or the rice cake your grandmother labored for the previous night. It’s “settlement money” or whatever it’s called! They’ll come whisper shamelessly: “C’mon, what’s this small amount I asked compared to what you will earn abroad?”

And many who didn’t give in or had nothing to give have not been able to board the plane, wasting their time, money and leave the airport emotionally scathed.

This is not news actually as this is a daily scene at the airports in Manila and Cebu. No wonder the Philippines ranks high in the most corrupt countries according to a report published by the New York Times.

There are so many complaints but none officially filed and they’ve become nothing but unheard ‘murmurs of common people’. And it eventually dies down.

It’s time the Filipinos stand up to their rights. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO HOLD YOUR DEPARTURE UNLESS YOU’RE A CRIMINAL. And you’re not!!

Remember that!

Any airport personnel do not have the authority to stop you from flying out of the country if:

(1) You have proper visa of entry to your destination.

(2) You are NOT a criminal i.e., your name is not in the “hold departure” list of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) that the Philippine Immigration keeps.

What’s worse is that these people denied boarding already passed through Immigration and already at the boarding gates waiting to be seated on the plane! What an appalling piece of nonsense.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, stand up to them and reason out. Don’t just shrug your shoulders and go, or worse, tip your wallet and hand over your hard earned money to these corrupt people!

Lastly, in the 1987 Philippine Constitution, Article III, Bill of Rights:

Section 6. The liberty of abode and of changing the same within the limits prescribed by law shall not be impaired except upon lawful order of the court. Neither shall the right to travel be impaired except in the interest of national security, public safety, or public health, as may be provided by law.

Again, know your rights. Speak up. As long as Filipino travelers remain clueless as they arrive at the international airport, these cunning people at the airport will continue to exist – threatening and fooling  people, ruining dreams and getting richer in the process.


Filipinos in Dubai also should start educating friends and relatives back home of this right to travel to erase the fear and the chance to be fooled at the airport.


  1. korek jud grasya…dli lang ang dagkong rango ang corrupt even kanang mga low level officials…kanus a kaha magbag-o ang mga tao dri…



  2. Isn’t this a violation of the human rights ? Can’t you threaten them with something like the Human Rights Court?
    This would be best done with a hidden camera and going to airports to film this crocks and broadcast this films on national television or even better the authorities should do periodic raids and whoever is find doing this should be put in jail and banned from ever working in an airport!
    .-= Alex@Jocuri´s last blog ..Veverite nebunatice =-.



  3. Your blog has been really helpful and I wanna thank you for sharing all these things. I just got my tourist visa and affidavit of support and guarantee and will be booking a flight out to Dubai this coming February. Your made me quite afraid and encouraged at the same time. I got a taste of what kind of country Dubai is, so on that part I get excited for my visit. But I got scared at the same time because I do not know what to expect in the immigration here in Manila. I have had only quite a few trips abroad like Hong Kong and Vietnam but I never get nervous like this coming trip to Dubai because of the hearsays I’ve been hearing. Thank you so much!



  4. mga kabayan, inapply q po ng tourist visa mga kapatid ko.. lumabas na po visa nila kahapon kaso hindi po original. sabi po ng agency eh online daw po ini apply ang visa kaya hindi original. ok lang po ba na hindi original na tourist visa ang dala sa immigration sa pinas? or may possibility po ba na makakuha ako ng original tourist visa nila in the same agency w/o extra charge.



  5. I opened my laptop tonight to have additional information on having a tourist visa in Dubai. I suppose to have my first flight last Tuesday July 4, but unfortunately, I was offloaded. During the immigration interview, I was asked of nonsense question like why is your surname is the same with your sponsor even if the papers is in her hand. Despite having an affidavit of support and guarantee I was also asked of financial capacity of my cousin. Would the consulate grants the affidavit to my cousin if he is not financially capable? The interviewing officer also did not gave me a copy of requirements to comply, I’m still the one who asked for it. Com’on guys, those questions where just your way of asking for some money. What kind of officer do we have, is it really the SOP on you, or your corrupt tactic??????



  6. my gosh! I will go to dubai this coming nov. 4. now i know what to do because of this blog. thanks, very helpful! 🙂
    and goodluck to me!



  7. I Wrote this letter to Bureau of of Immigration! very frustrated with their Service

    Greetings from Abu Dhabi!

    I saw the article from The National Newspaper in UAE, posted about “Vice President Binay’s “ report to be submitted to our President about Filipinos leaving the country via “Tourist Visa”

    I would like to ask your assistance about my husband who was not allowed to leave our country yesterday morning (November 4th, Gulf Air flight leaving Manila at 11:25am)

    In short po, na Off-Load po siya.

    He has a Tourist Visa and an Affidavit of Sponsorship by his nephew who is also working here in Abu Dhabi. I didn’t know that he was going to come – we are going thru a marital problem right now.

    Galing na po siya dito- 2 times tourist visa pero nakahanap ng work pero he’s registered na po sa OWWA.

    1st time – he left Abu Dhabi kasi po nag retrench ang Company
    2nd time- He left Abu Dhabi as he is needs to recover from his Knee Surgery at nagkaroon kami ng problema kaya siya umuwi sa Pinas.
    3rd time- Yesterday the interrogator told him to complete his papers ( Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC and proof that he is
    capable to travel) which he questioned since he is leaving with a valid Tourist Visa to Abu Dhabi and he has a valid Affidavit of

    We’re trying to sort out our problem as husband and Wife. He was supposed to Surprise me but unfortunately siya yung na-surprise.

    He tried to ask the name of the person interrogating him but refused to give and everybody in the that room doesn’t want to give any information about this man ( Lalaki po siya Maliit , maputi na medyo malaki po ang mata). The guy is very arrogant!

    After this man ordered to “OFF LOAD” his luggage, my husband left the office and just right outside the interrogation room, the security guard asked if my husband have 20K and everything will be ok.

    I went to our Embassy yesterday, I took an Affidavit of Sponsorship under my name , the Vice Consul (Norman Padalhin) was very helpful , waived even the charges of the document and was released ASAP . Sent all the documents (My company contract, Tenancy Contract under my name, affidavit of Sponsorhip, marriage contract, business card po ni Vice Consul with his personal CP number) to my husband, rebooked his flight for this coming Sunday again same flight (additional gastos na naman) and did not work for the whole day even if we were very busy for the Formula One Grand Prix here in Abu Dhabi. Umuwi na lang ng bulacan husband ko , another gastos for the transportation.

    I am so frustrated with how our Immigration works!

    I would like to request for an assistance na sana it will not happen again this Sunday para ma resolve na po namin ang problema po naming mag-asawa.

    Sino po ba ang puede kong ma contact?

    Maraming Salamat po!

    My personal mobile number is 00971 55 2406952.

    Warm regards,
    Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.
    Ruby Baggao
    Director of Meeting & Events
    T: +971 2 656 2000, D: +971 2 656 2450
    F: +971 2 656 2515

    Radisson Blu Hotel and Park Inn P.O. Box 93725, Yas Island Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



  8. I was abouth to visit singapore yeaterday for 3 day vacation.but suddenly I was offload due to those unethiket people in immigration harassing and stupid questions they ask and depend on it.and they tell also my ticket was dami and my bookings they can’t verrified at I was telling her also that I will show to her my confirmation at my mobile coz I receive it.and they refused and tell closed my mobile so I can’t document wat they are doing to peoples..insulting and going out of matters not related to travel should not be asked so I was looking for assistance wat move can I do I wanna file some case to that officer.specially the manager of airlines wants also coz she declare the ticket as dami!it consider a libel case



  9. By the way I was abouth visit dubai I have already the visa but I have a fucking trauma now I don’t know how to enter dubai



  10. im getting my tourist visa next month from a friend of mined…

    after reading all of this na tatakot tuloy akong mag vacation sa dubai. yun iba kasi relatives na yun nag sponsor na de-deny pa sa immigration… ano pa kaya akong thru friend lang galing yun sponsor.

    saka need ko pa ba talaga mag show money sa immigration natin?

    im just average filipino di po ako mayaman at konti lang ang savings ko sa bank… talaga gusto lang ng friend ko na maka visit ako sa dubai…



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