Rude customer service that unusually helps

The quality of customer service here in Dubai is not the best in the world, most especially if I have to compare it with how customers are treated in Japan. I’ve been quite used to the rude attitude and comments from sales persons – “used to” means hearing it regularly. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get pissed with it. However, there’s this one particular rude customer service that I like.

The one I really hope will continue everyday in my life.

cinnamon raisin roll

In the building ground floor where I work, there’s a Carrefour Express, a convenient store chain here that sells basic grocery stuff, breads and other delis. This is where I get my fix of dark chocolates when I get sudden cravings so the store isn’t really that convenient for me and my waistline. Lately, I discovered their cinnamon raisin roll. Uh-oh. As much as I prevent any type of bread from my diet, I was lured to buy the very cheap sweet bread downstairs (1.15 dhs ($0.30)/pc).

I loved it. And I went on to buy it at an increasing rate (not good). I kept reminding myself, “this is not worth running in the treadmill for!!” But to no avail. There’s a demon inside me that continued to whisper fatty thoughts. I prayed for a solution and what do you know, the solution came!!

There’s aΒ new store personnel behind the bakery counter. He’s short but with a very loud voice. He did not say anything on the first time I bought the bread from him. On the second time (after two days), he finally opened his mouth: “NOT AGAIN!?”

On the third time, he screamed, “You really like ’em, sweet huh!”

His voice wsa so big I swear everyone at the store stopped whatever they were doing to look at me. *blush*Β Any customer would want to slap him that instant. But on the contrary, I thank him. He was the answer to my prayer – he is someone I wish would be there everyday to gobsmack me like that. After that incident I have once attempted to go to the store again to buy my favorite bread but he was there so I came out without bothering to pass by the bakery.

Let’s hope he’ll not call in sick one of these days…

Photo taken from A Series of Kitchen Experiments where a recipe for Cinnamon Raisin Roll awaits to be tested.


    1. Would it be nice if that store clerk is inside our fridge or something! hahaha
      I actually went down to buy a box of tissue this morning but when he saw me, he was about to say something — I beat him to it though by saying “OH no, I won’t be buying your bread today!”

      He laughed!



  1. I need someone like that in the fridge. Maybe a recording everytime the fridge door is opened, something like “holy cow, you are not eating again are you?” It could change each time and get ruder and ruder. By the way we love Cinnamon buns too, especially with lashings of cream cheese icing, on second thoughts just a bowl of icing and a spoon would do. Forget about this baking business. Have a good week Grace.
    .-= Seb /cozy pink dog bed´s last blog ..Big Shrimpy Dog Bed =-.



  2. Heh, here in Romania I have this happening to me all the time. If I were to mind all of the remarks and store sellers who looked like they better die then serve me , I would starve to death.
    Oh well, I think for you this is a good thing, or not. Maybe you should try to control the power of the sweats by yourself πŸ˜›
    .-= Alex@Jocuri´s last blog ..Parkour 3D =-.



  3. HA! You are a better woman then I-I would have said something equally as rude and loud to him. LOL Although, it may have stopped me from purchasing from that establishment πŸ™‚

    I guess whatever works right!?
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Mailbox Monday10-25 =-.



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