World, meet my new nephew

Baby William Wayne

~ Baby holding daddy’s finger 30 minutes after birth ~

I should’ve posted this last Wednesday as a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post but c’mon, I can’t afford to be wordless with this! You know that! Last Saturday, October 9, 2010 at about 4:30 pm, my brother’s wife gave birth in Japan to a healthy baby boy named William Wayne.

baby bill

I was working rather boringly on a typical Saturday morning (Japan is 5 hours ahead of Dubai) when I got a call from my brother saying, “Can you hear it? Can you hear it?” It was his first born’s first cry inside the delivery room and I was getting live audio coverage from across the miles! Of course I was ecstatic! I get jumpy at every baby news that comes. I was about to say, “Now, we’re on the same boat! We can talk about poo like it’s nobody’s business!” but I kept those dirty thoughts to myself. They’ll soon experience all that parenting jazz later. I won’t ruin the thrill.

I’ve been very excited for them since they announced they were expecting early this year (despite having tearful episodes with myself, I am geniunely happy for them) and now, the baby has made a grand exit. I wish I was there so I can hop on a train to see the new family – see my brother hold his new baby, my new nephew, the one they’ve been waiting for since they got married 2 years ago.

Daddy and baby

No doubt the new dad is so happy. I can hear it through his voice, play the image in my head and feel it in my heart. They’ll be on their own without any help but somehow I know they’ll be alright and he’ll be a good daddy, I know that for sure.

Congratulations to the new parents and welcome to the world, Baby William Wayne!


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