Reasons why I won’t follow you in Twitter


I’ve been using Twitter for more than a year now and I love it. In fact, I love it next to blogging and more than I would ever love Facebook. As of date I have more than 1,000 followers but only follow back a few. That way, I can keep up with my Twitter stream and engage in conversations with people whose area of interests are the same with mine or learn things I don’t know.

There are reasons why I don’t/won’t follow every one who follows me. Here are a few reason why I won’t follow you back:

1. Your Twitter avatar displays a massive boob crack or only have little clothes on you.

2. There are no @ mentions in your Twitter stream, which means you use Twitter mainly to ‘talk’ not listen and discuss.

3. The only topic you tweet about is what you had for lunch, along with Twitpic for evidence.

4. You have too much hashtags on your tweets.

5. The only topic you tweet about is your kids and how many times they vomitted over the last 5 hours.

6. You give advices like how to have as many followers as Ashton Kutcher. Your advice might be great but I don’t want to be Ashton Kutcher.

7. Your tweets almost always have external links. I get it, you want to share links you discovered but those links might be porn sites, I’ll never know.

8. You have very few/no followers but follow a thousand dudes and chicks.

9. Your tweets are suicidal in tone.

10. Your tweets mostly contain obscene language. I don’t want to deal with your potty mouth.

11. Your Twitter updates are protected and I need your permission to follow you.

12. Your tweet stream have nothing on it than inspirational quotes or God forbid, Bible verses.

13.  You are the RT (retweet) queen or king.

How about you? Any reason why you wouldn’t be following that someone on Twitter?


  1. I really do like Twitter, but I find you must have all your attention focused on the board or you miss a kazillion things. I wish I had the time to do it, however, I do manage to get on it between bouts of insanity lol
    I won’t follow you if your entire life revolves around sex. I am no prude, but 24/7 gets to be a bit much.
    Great list. Happy T13!



  2. Spammy looking tweets, like a lot of hashtags and links.
    I usually follow persons I talked before they followed me, or find them on twitter.
    Hmm, I guess I usually think of reasons to follow a person and not reason not to follow someome.
    .-= Alex@jocuri´s last blog ..Karate Kung Fu =-.



  3. I used to follow back religiously, but it go so the only people who wanted to follow in the first place were scamming. I still tweet now and then, but I got so lost in the twitterings. Now I don’t do much there.



  4. i think some people are collectors…they collect twitterers and facebookers. i think the ones who irrate me most are the people who want to friend you on facebook and don’t even both to tell you why…i just ignore them. i’ve stopped entering as many contests when they want me to follow them all over the the web. i’ve become a crank in my old age!
    .-= HODGEPODGESPV´s last blog ..Bake Sale Murder by Leslie Meier =-.



  5. Good list and a lot to think about. I?ve used Twitter some, but not a lot, especially since I started full time at the library. Same with FB. A lot of things I used to do I just don?t have the time for any more?

    Happy TT!



  6. Great list!

    The thing that drives me nuts the most is the “click my junk” links in a direct message. I unfollow immediately!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, and for letting me know about your list. 🙂




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