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It’s October 11 – today is supposed to be x day for Blackberry users but contrary to what was announced two months ago regarding the Blackberry service suspension here in the UAE, Blackberry life goes on. And deliciously so.

After months of standoff between this gulf country and Canada,  the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Blackberry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has reached an agreement. TRA said that RIM brought its devices in line with strict local jurisdictions on security and encryption.

All Blackberry services in the UAE will continue to operate as normal and no suspension of service will occur.

After all those rants in blogs, Twitter and increase of people switching to other devices (because what would a Blackberry for if email, web messaging and browsing is disabled),  the UAE backs off with the proposed ban. Not really surprised big time as this happens often here…they say something and take it back afterwards. Remember the ban on alcohol in restaurants?

Oh well anyway, congratulations all you Blackberry users!

As to what the  ‘agreement’ was about, no one knows. The Blackberry mystery is over. These past months was a great way to push iPhone 4 sales.

1. The initial report to ban Blackberry services via Gulf News.
2. The current report of ban being lifted via

8 thoughts on “Blockberry no more

  1. That’s good..
    Here in Canada Blackberrys are everywhere! We even have special encrypted ones for most government and military workers when its deemed “necessary” (as in, we need to contact you in case of emergency anytime, and cell phones and home phones are not sufficient).
    I feel somewhat bad for not getting a Blackberry when purchasing a smart phone (since RIM is Canadian), but at least I didn’t go with Apple!


  2. Heh, does that mean that UAE listens to peoples conversation ? (you know, blackberry being banned because government agencies, or anyone else for that matter, couldn’t intercept the traffic (voice, email etc) from blackberries). I think that is the freaky stuff!

    By the way nice catchy title! 😛
    .-= Alex@jocuri´s last blog ..Hockey de camp 3D =-.


  3. Its a very good application which has been implemented in blackbery,it is useful for so many problems for example tracking the vehicles, weather .etc…….it is sad …….that it is blocked for this reason


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