A degree in mothering

Here’s one in the news where people gasp and say, “Oh no, they didn’t!” :

A new university in the emirate of Ajman (United Arab Emirates) – The University College for Mothering and Family Science, according to its founders, is the first university in the world to offer a bachelor’s degree in the “mothering profession”.

The director of the university thinks this is very important in the UAE because of the householder’s dependency on maids to run the family. Dr Al Ani says,

On average, there is a minimum of two maids per household in the UAE. This dependency is dangerous, and we need to raise awareness among women on such matters by preparing and educating them.By preparing women with the right tools to create a healthy family, we will overcome such problems.

I’m sorry but WTF. There is no science to ‘mothering’ one method does not apply to all. It is not a science but practical learning from actual experiences and for 25,000 dhs (US$6,800)/year for this 4 year course to learn how to be a mother is ridiculously expensive.

Oh wait, there might be courses in “Seatbelts 101” or “” or “No leaving babies in hot cars” but I thought these were common sense!

You can read more about this topic at The National.


  1. Unfortunately the people who will take the course probably would be the ones who would make good mothers anyway. We watched a BBC documentary the other night about how domestic servants are mistreated in the UAE ( and in Europe too). They should have a course on how to treat people properly. Some of the stories where horrific, one poor girl from Kenya was thrown off the balcony because she tried to escape. Her injuries were appalling.

    Anyway on that cheery note have a good week.
    .-= Seb´s last blog ..Big Shrimpy Dog Bed =-.



  2. LOL;-)Grace think of it on the lighter side ‘coz honestly mostly here don’t know how to be one, remember that incident I told you in the Metro where the nanny carry the baby with all the shopping bags hanging on her arm standing and trying to have a good grip while the mother sit comfortably in the couch I guess making most of his gold ticket without minding the risk her baby is into or I dunno if she cares at all.

    Who knows? Maybe next they’ll be offering subjects on learning how to queue, how to wait, how to talk without shouting and how to have common sense;-)
    .-= Arnel´s last blog ..And They Call It Letter ?Zed? =-.



  3. Too funny! I probably would have signed up . . . I think the thing is you really don’t know what to expect until you have a child. I thought when I was pregnant that once I had my baby and took maternity leave I would be cooking big meals, decorating the house, doing some painting etc. Like I would have “Free Time” or something – haha.



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