The grass is greener on the other side


…and the trees, more colorful too.

It’s September, in fact, it’s almost October already and we still have highs of 40C here in Dubai. The mornings and nights have eased a bit and we can actually walk outside without soaking our shirts but mid-day still feels like mid-summer. It is my 4th September in the UAE. Subsequently, that also means I’ve missed four Japan autumns now.

Autumn had been my favorite time of the year. It still is but I’m in near danger of forgetting what it looks or feels like.

There are no autumn foliage eye candy in Dubai – heck we even lack trees in the first place except for the date palms. There’s no chestnuts or sweet potato and golden persimmon. No walks in the woodland with crisp autumn leaves under my feet and…and..I can keep going on and on. I miss autumn back ‘home’ – that part of the world where I used to live for ten years before coming here so I called a friend, a former neighbor actually and asked her to look out the window and tell me what’s outside.

Heavy rains, cloudy skies and cold air. Also, we’re getting the heaters ready. Soon, it’ll be time to change the beddings, take out the electric blankets, heavy comforters, thick socks, turtlenecks and thermal underwears. Oh and never to forget boxes of tissue for that dripping nose in the morning. Feel better now?

Oh yeah, I suddenly felt better, thanked my friend who is always ready to pull my feet back to reality and temporarily erase the homesickness.


  1. Yeah, I love the fall and the colors! I’m hoping to get some nice tree pictures this year… last year it went from hot to cold so fast all the trees just lost their leaves with hardly any pretty colors.
    But hey, if you move, at least you will have the seasons… 😉



  2. Well Grace, looking out the window today it was sunny and a nice 18 degrees. We have had on and off lots of rain. Tomorrow maybe not bad but the weekend is supposed to be terrible. Rainy and windy. The cold is coming. This is 90 km from Vancouver. Oh, I also saw a racoon crossing the lawn. On Sunday there were two deer eating the leaves off the potatoes. I forgot to close the gate. We live in town but near a forested area. I much prefer the heat.
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    1. What a lovely description of what’s outside your place!! Thank you very much!! I highly appreciate I’ll be spending my day thinking of raccoons and deers!!



  3. The Palm Islands in Dubai look really beautiful to me. I would like to be there for a time.
    I am now sitting on a veranda in front of my house, over there is a beautiful sea with small soft wave and clear blue sky. There are several tourists playing beach sport and swimming.
    I think Dubai also have a beautiful sea, am I right? (not quite sure as I never been there.) So, I would recommended you to go enjoy the sea, it may help reduce your homesick.



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