Pristine’s transformation and the uniforms too!

Pristine went back to school last Monday and I can’t help but look back at the years she spent there, first as a kindergartner in 2007 and now she’s in Year 2. Time really waits for no man, or no mother for that matter. My little girl is growing right in front of my eyes.

I scoured my old photo files and thought I’d take you a trip down memory lane to see my little school girl. Her transformation is amazing but her changing school fashion – not much!

This was her first day of school in 2007, in her first school in Dubai. A month and a half after we arrived here. Children are amazing – was no trace of fear despite the fact that she’ll be facing a whole new world filled with students and teachers who speak English, a language she can’t speak and barely understand.

Pristine - Kindergarten 1

Pristine - Kindergarten 1

The uniform goes with a red cardigan for winter. Here she is with her very good friend Vani.

Pristine - Kindergarten 2

Pristine - Kindergarten 2

Last year, when she was in Grade 1, it was a white blouse with navy blue skort – which we both liked because it was comfortable. We bought 5 blouses (one for each day)ย and 2 skorts.

Pristine - Grade 1

Much to our surprise, this year the school changed all the uniforms – KG1, KG2, Year 1 & Year 2 students will have this new uniform (the rest of the students will have another different set):

Pristine - Grade 2

Pristine - Grade 2

Who knows what will be next year’s fashion!


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