Shopping for babies is a difficult task

baby clothes

Just recently, I found myself ‘stranded’ at Babyshop, a shop that sells all kids and baby stuff from pink booties to cribs to huge unnecessary fluffy stuffed toys and noisy remote control cars. This month we’ve been invited to two kid birthday parties and a christening. I also wanted to shop for my friend Rose’s baby who’s a little Ms. Congeniality. She smiles at everyone and at this point in time, she never refuses anyone’s hugs and kisses so I take advantage – before that *evil* 6th or 7th month strikes when babies realize which people are familiar and which are strangers then they burst into those unreasonable squeals and tears and look at me like I’m a criminal.

So…I went shopping for baby stuff and it took me TWO whole hours at the store. Who knew after so many years of not looking at infant clothes that I would turn into a seemingly retarded person going back and forth the store aisles, holding pieces of clothes marked with different sizes, eyes rolling to the ceiling looking for that light bulb moment. Drat, I’ve forgotten all about babies and baby sizes. Sure there are 6-9 months size but what if the baby is a big baby and it’s gonna be tight for him/her? What if I choose a bigger size and the babe can’t wear it for so long my gift will be left forgotten until the mother finds out later and the (bigger) size I chose has been small already.

These were the torturing thoughts in my mind. I’ve  completely become an idiot on how to shop for babies and other small human beings.

I came home so exhausted and hungry (so, restless). I never like to shop even for my own, I don’t even try on clothes at the store and ended up buying things smaller or bigger for me. Mostly small for me. *cough* — that mostly went to the regular “Big box of love a.k.a. balikbayan box” sent back home to my sister’s open arms.  Next time I’m baby shopping, I hope I won’t spend that much time and preferably eat first.


  1. Choosing the right kind of toy for your baby is thus of utmost importance and also its so difficult. Baby toys are generally made of soft materials and/or virgin plastic so as to minimize the possibility of scratches, rash or cuts and abrasions to the tender skin of a baby.advertising The baby toys are also, in general, of bright and contrasting colors so as to literally ?catch the baby?s eye?. Many baby toys produce simple sounds on handling so as to capture the little owner?s attention.



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