First day of school, 2010

Our not-so-little-anymore 6 year old (almost seven) daughter Pristine went back to school today after twelve weeks of long school break spent mostly at home.

I don’t have to tell you how excited she was. All I can say that she woke up at 5:30 am anticipating this special day!

At home during vacation, we read books, studied the map – she knows the continents, some of the countries in it and their capital cities, the oceans. She learned how to write in cursive and refer to it as “girly words”, mastered addition and subtraction against time and basic multiplication from 1-5, among other things. She also learned to play chess and a bit of word factory.

Two days ago, we had the following conversation:

Pristine first day of school

Me: “Two days more to go and it’s back to school!! YAY!!”

P: “YES!!”

Me: “Are you excited?”

P: “Yeah, excited but also afraid.”

Me: “HUH!? Afraid of what?”

Seriously, I started to get nervous when she said that with a sad face.

P: “Because I’ve become so clever that they might NOT want me in Grade 2 and transfer me to Grade 3!”

Hahaha. Of all the worries!! Since when did this kid become too confident?


This is Pristine’s 4th year in the same school. She first enrolled when she was 3 in much has changed, she’s grown in height and so much in spirit. I am so proud of her.

By the way, this year, the school changed their uniforms again (last year it was this) and this is the 3rd time!! I’m quite upset by this since (1) I have bought 2 new sets of uniforms for her last January (2) the new uniform is costly and (3) I don’t like the full dress type of new uniform they have. I think it’s not apt for active children running about as the material is not stretchy plus it’s a skirt. I do think a skort is better for children her age. What do you think?


  1. She looks soooo lady with this uniform. She looked like a kiddo in the first one. My preference? anything she’s comfortable with. It appears to me that she has no problem with both.

    The conversation – Love it! She has always been honest. That’s just how she feels. I love her confidence.

    Salute to you for being able to teach her a lot of things. Honestly, I know nothing about Geography! I prolly need to study so I will have something to teach my child. tsk. tsk.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..the water dilemma- a sequel =-.



  2. The dress is adorable! But remember where you are. Pristine will find the dresses get longer the older she gets. I do love the uniform though. She looks like a waitress in a Diner! Do you know what a Diner is? Anyway, she looks precious and happy and you are doing a great job raising her.
    I don’t know if I have ever asked. What is her primary language? English, Japanese?
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..What I Did This Weekend =-.



  3. gracie,, vey confident na jud imong gamay na dalaga…sometimes, when we mingled kids same like her age, we unconciously compare it to Pristine…and asking, how Grace raised Pristine that way?..sweet, witty, lively, friendly..



  4. So cute! I hear you on the uniform though, they really shouldn’t be requiring parents to buy new ones every year just because they want to change it. Unless there’s a VERY good reason. 😦
    If they did keep the same one then kids could pass them down to younger kids when they are out grown and save everyone some money. That’s what all the mom’s do here for the private school!



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