Dubai Mall food court open during Ramadan

I had an impromptu trip to the Dubai Mall yesterday. Despite the fact that I LOVE this mall, probably the best mall in Dubai – there are two things that sometimes prevent me from going there: (1) I need to drive through a big, scary roundabout at Clock Tower, Deira and (2) when I am wearing heels.

Dubai Mall Aquarium
Dubai Mall Aquarium

~ Even after so many visit, I still love to spend time staring at this aquarium ~

Seriously people, when you go to massive place like The Dubai Mall, put on your most comfortable shoes so you can explore the place more and more importantly for that long walk you have to take if you’re bad at directions like me and easily get lost. I always forget how to go back to the parking area/bus stop that I often walk around in circles. I did that again yesterday that I was tempted to take off my shoes.

Would it look too weird to walk around the mall in bare feet while I carry my shoes in one hand?

Anyway, it is still Ramadan since eating and drinking in public is prohibited out of respect for the fasting Muslim population, mall food courts are closed. Most malls are quiet during daytime because some people don’t bother to go out when they have go home for lunch. It isn’t the case at The Dubai Mall. Shoppers need not to go home or hide in the baby changing room to eat! (True story – my mother and my aunt did this.)

Presenting, the mall food court:

mall food court

Friends, beyond this massive huge red curtain is where you solve your grumbling stomach problems. When you walk through it, you’ll see that fastfoods are open, just like the normal non-Ramadan days and there are designated places to eat!

I admit, it’s hard to go to the malls during daytime in Ramadan when you know you’ll have to go home during lunch or whenever you’re hungry just because you can’t have anything inside. What a great move for Dubai Mall to cater to all their customers, both fasting and non-fasting people.


  1. That is very interesting.
    Oh Grace, I made the chicken and next time I will use the chicken thighs and rice wine. It was good, but next time I will follow the recipe completely. Thanks.
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Random Dozen =-.



  2. wise of them!

    this reminded me of hubby’s day yesterday. we usually eat lunch together (that’s around 2:45pm). yesterday though, after learning that he’s in a meeting in abu dhabi, i quit waiting for him (around 3:30pm). he arrived around 5pm with a very empty stomach (from morning). i asked why and got myself reminded that it’s Ramadan and he was with fasting people.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..the water dilemma- a sequel =-.



    1. I know, me too! I only knew about it 2 days ago…
      But at least we already know so we’ll do better next year and shop at Dubai Mall! 🙂



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