Teens and the Dubai Metro

cover ears

I took the Dubai Metro train yesterday going to Dubai Marina to attend an Iftar party sponsored by HP. HP Techies, if any of you are reading this, thanks so much for the invitation! It was my first Iftar party for this year’s Ramadan. I know Ramadan is just about ending so it made last night’s party more special. 🙂

Anyway, back to the train story. I love taking the city’s new public transport. The trains are clean and it gets me to my destination fast, without traffic. I also like to stare blankly and think about random things while on the train, read a book or listen to a good music via my phone. It’s one of those precious little moments.

Sadly, there were three raucous teenagers in the same train.

Teenagers. Girls. Bored expat brats. One started bashing her mom.

“I was like, oh my God, mum was totally freaking out we’d be meeting boys at the mall! She’s so boring!”

“Oh shush, forget her, we’ll enjoy today!” *scream*

“I know! I woke up this morning and gosh, *scream* it’s the best morning of my life!”

*Scream some more*

Apparently, when you’re a teenager these days, meeting a random boy you’ve met online would be the best morning of your life.

Non-teen passengers including myself, tired of the day’s work patiently sit through all the bitching, parent bashing and trashy boy talk. We close our eyes but unfortunately, can’t close our ears.

“You know that guy, the one I really, really went all the way?”

Apparently, these girls with booming voices, are all talking like they’re in their girl friend’s room while the parents are away, of course. One would think the words “public transport” weren’t taught in school. I would be happier if they know the meaning of “public” at all.

“Carl’s really cute. And tall! Gosh and he is so nice too. My mum will totally kill me for today!”

The shreiking and shaking of bodies enough to derail the train off continued. They didn’t even mind the disapproving glances from people who had to endure an hour with them in that enclosed train space.

“Are we there yet? Is this the Mall of the Emirates? Oh my God, how do I look?”

The teen with really big hair – curly and long, started to sway back her locks and batted her eyelashes. Of course, I never read my book nor listened to my music and the random thoughts?

I wish my daughter wouldn’t end up like any of these girls. Nothing like a new mission in life popping up at random public transport commute.

Smoking, eating or drinking, putting feet up on seats and chewing gum are all acts that could get you fined in the Metro. I wish this would be added too: LOUD TEENAGERS.


  1. Teenage bad behaviour drives me absolutely crazy. I don’t understand why so many are so rude and why they aren’t embarassed about discussing personal stuff at the top of their lungs for all to hear. I suppose every generation despairs of the next, but I know we didn’t behave like that. Very few are taught good manners anymore. It’s interesting that they were expat kids too. I would like to think that the local kids over there don’t behave like that, hope I’m right. On that note have a good weekend everyone and stay away from enclosed spaces, especially if there are teenagers about.
    .-= Seb´s last blog ..Palm Tree Decor Accessories =-.



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