Meet Mikee, our resident hamster

So, I let a mouse more specifically, a hamster dominate my blog for three days. Sorry about that. I’ve been suffering from lack of blogging inspiration for a couple of days…probably due to my constant chirping at Twitter or spending some time in Facebook (not Farmville, though!). I have, however, updated my blog’s ABOUT page.

Anyway about the hammy, we had him for a couple of months now, bought as a present to Pristine for completing first grade last June. We thought it would be great so she’ll have something to get busy with for the summer, learn about pets (she likes to have a dog but we’ll start with something small first).


At first she was afraid and wouldn’t touch it but right now, she’ll sleep with him if she can! She holds him most of the day, talks to him and takes care of him very well. So well that one day she decided to give him a makeover. We came home with the hair cream, my facial moisturizer bottle cap opened and a hamster that looked like a rockstar.

hammy rock star

We’ll have to wait a few years to get a dog.


  1. I like hamsters too. When I was a kid i had one called Jimminy Cricket for some strange reason. He loved his wheel. Being nocturnal he used to run in it all night keeping me awake because the wheel had a squeak. Great photos of Mikee
    .-= Seb´s last blog ..Thermoelectric Fridge =-.



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