Expat women discussions Part II

Here’s round 2 (Round 1 here) of the local forums’ discussion, feel free to answer some of the questions if you like! 🙂

1. Hi ladies. my husband is in a crazy company

2. How do glamorous people get to look so glamorous?

3. Help me with my big belly…

4. How to make my dining table nice again?

5. Single women in Dubai – where to go?

6. What age to allow teen boys to get their ear pierced?

7. Why do women wear makeup and jewelry?

8. Weight loss without exercise?…

I’m all ears, sister!

9. How to get rid of bats.

And I thought bats can only be found in caves and Bruce Wayne’s lair…

10. Another summer in Dubai and I’m soooo bored

11. What does PRO stand for?

My question: what is Google for?

12. How can I get rid of the smell of cat pee?

13. any pharmacy opened late near the ranches*, my DH is sick and it’s 11 pm!

*ranches = Arabian Ranches, a community of posh villas in Dubai

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  1. Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I read your blog and enjoy it!

    6. What age to allow teen boys to get their ear pierced?

    That’s a silly question, it depends of YOUR set of values! I have no child but I would say to my child to wait till they have the right to do so without my permission! (18 years old here)

    7. Why do women wear makeup and jewelry?

    That’s a good question because I don’t wear makeup and I only have one necklace! I wear it because I love it and only on special occasion because I’m lazy and I don’t like the hassle to put it and remove it.

    11. What does PRO stand for?

    Wow! No context? I bet it can means a bunch of things!

    My question: what is Google for?

    Google? I’m addicted to Google! I tape my addresses in the Google search bar instead of the address bar! I’ve even found myself no later than yesterday clicking on the first hit in Google WHITOUT reading it only to realize seconds later, Hey, what? I’m not in Wikipedia???



  2. Hi I really enjoy your website. I just discovered it the other day. I went to look for bat repellent info. so that I would be able to help out with the bat question and I was interested too. Not much luck I am sorry to say. Close up entrances so that they can’t get back in was one suggestion and tons of moth balls which I think would be a health hazard. Ultrasonic devices don’t work well at all. The other suggestion was to build a bat house somewhere away from where they are now and hope that they go there. The neighbours might be a little upset although the bug population would be kept down. Weight loss with out exercise=starvation. All the best.
    .-= Seb´s last blog ..Pedometer Watches and Pedometers Their Uses and Features =-.



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