Someone wanted to kiss my car

As if parallel parking isn’t enough of a challenge, I saw another nightmare come to life:

parallel parking

My car is the small white one in the middle. Normally I don’t (won’t) park this way as much as possible as there is another diagonal parking nearby. But this location is so right in front of the office building entrance and with the weather being so hot lately, I wanted to minimize walking.

When I came and parked in the morning, the black big car in front of me wasn’t there. Park anywhere you can people, but this kind of parking?

parallel parking

So I stood there, horrified on how I might be able to get my car out. I wanted to go home early but had to wait because there is NO way I could ever get my car out unless any of the two cars go away. Both of them only gave very little space to wiggle out!

From the back (there are metal posts on the right side, adding to the very limited wiggle room):

parallel parking rear

And the bad ass car in front of mine:

parallel parking front

Even the world’s most skillful driver would scratch his head. I ended up waiting for almost 30 minutes until the driver behind my car came and drove away.

Just another day in sand land.


  1. I’d have flagged down someone to assist me. You know watch while I backed up and pulled forward a gazillion times. One time Jack and I were in England and we got parked up in a pull in spot! We couldn’t get into our cars doors! Hubby went in to the Pub and said loudly “Any of you jokers NOT know how to park in here? My car is literally parked in! A man sheepishly looked at us and then admitted he had popped in for a pint. He went out, moved his car so we could get into one side. The other person never did pipe up.
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Random Thoughts Sunday =-.



  2. What a brutal parking problem! Thirty minutes is bad, but it could have been worse. I’m always getting in trouble with parking meters – that’s why I avoid parallel parking whenever possible. Did the guy who finally came and moved his car work with you? That would be really aggravating!



  3. First of all i say to you, this is very nice pictures you uploaded here. I really hate when people doing that like behave. The cars are standing very close to each other. It is really ridiculous. peoples facing traffic problem always . This is really nice blogs.



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