Dubai summer break, again


Let’s have a little break from my gynae-related posts for a change. Whew, it’s about time.

It’s just sad that when summer vacation in most countries usually means time to play outdoors, in the parks, play in the rain or chase butterflies, in Dubai, summer for kids is tough. They had to endure being cooped inside their temperature controlled homes for at least 10 weeks starting from the end of June until school starts again in September. We had a terrible time with Pristine last year and I wrote about her tantrums that caught the atttention of a local newspaper. They ran a story of her and about other children’s plight during summer in Dubai.

For expat families with moms staying at home, summer is exodus time. Time to get away from the hot weather that could climb up to 48C (120F) and go back to their home countries where summer is definitely better than here. Good for them. These children come back with great summer memories, photos and stories to share with their classmates when school opens again. However, children of working moms aren’t that lucky. Pristine, for example stays at home during summer here because neither me nor my husband can get off from work during the hot months. This year though, I assume it would be more bearable for her. I stayed with her at home for 2 weeks and we had so many activities she really liked. I’ve never heard the scary word “boring” in my entire stay at home. Today, just as I went back to work, she went for an interview for a modelling gig (just like last year). If accepted, she’ll have the next three week full with modelling training and modelling shows. Then we’ll just have to bear another three weeks or so until school starts again. We should be ok.

Don’t get me wrong, there ARE lots of activities for children during summer here – but they are all inside the malls and buildings. Summer camps are aplenty but it’s expensive, held indoors and most do not provide transport.

Next year, we plan to spend our summer in Japan. We hope to wade in the cold streams, play in the rain, run around the wide green space, have barbecues and probably just spend time outside as much as we can (can you tell we are so deprived of summer outdoor life!). I’m already looking forward to that trip.

What is your favorite summer activity?

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  1. favor iate activity? go to the sea even it is far frome here and , I can not swim.
    and may to enter the summer festival(MATURI), and see the firework?
    It is still TUYU here, and rarely it rains!! usually NAGANO is not rain even the TUYU.



  2. I’m so glad you got to spend some time with her & I really hope she gets to model again this year, I loved the posts last year. I’ll keep my fingers, toes & eyes crossed for her – I’m sure she’ll get it, she is a natural!!
    I really am looking forward to your summer next year almost as much as you are, I LOVED your posts from Japan, they are gorgeous.
    As for us, we really like to spend time going to local functions like wine tastings, fairs and of course Disney World since we are right here. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your summer.
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Nano and Mia Make a New Friend =-.



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