Hospital food?

Believe it or not, this had been part of the hospital food I had while confined. I had to blink to check if I wasn’t dreaming when I woke up and saw this tray of food for dinner on my bedside.

hospital food at Al Wasl Hospital

Who would’ve thought bolognese pasta, pizza and cake would be served in the hospital!? M came over at night and burped twice. Ha!

17 thoughts on “Hospital food?

  1. It still doesn’t look very appetizing to me… ugh!
    When I was in the hospital the few days after Cory was born it was awful. I’m so glad I didn’t have to deal with that his time!

    Not too appetizing for me but not bad at all – just surprising because who would have thought pizzas and cakes would be served in hospital trays!


  2. Looks good, I hope it tasted it too.
    Glad you are feeling somewhat better and hope you are doing ok!

    It was better than I expected but alas without any appetite, I only had the soup, water and the vegetables.


  3. Well it looks much better than I expected. Hospital food in my country isn’t even edible. You would have to bring food from your home or just buy pizza or fast food junk. Well, you’re pretty lucky. I’m glad for you.

    Take Care


  4. The pasta, cake and the water looked pretty good. I know with all that you went through, I’m sure you didn’t feel like eating, but I’m glad it was there for you if you felt like eating. When I was in the hospital for my surgeries, what I didn’t eat, Bill would eat. Did M and Pristine eat what you didn’t?
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Nano and Mia Make a New Friend =-.


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