It’s hot and dusty in June

I almost didn’t have anything to blog about today…until I saw the view outside from where I work.

dusty dubai 24.06.2010 1

This photo is straight out of the camera, no editing whatsoever so you see the real thing (it looks nastier in the naked eye though). Visibility must have dropped today but not the temps, it’s still so hot and humid outside. Yuck.

dusty dubai 24.06.2010 2

Weather like this during this time of the year is not uncommon here in the Middle East, not just in Dubai. I actually saw a blog post from my bloggy friend Robin from Israel with the same dust clouds hovering in their skies.

How’s the weather in your place?

9 thoughts on “It’s hot and dusty in June

  1. I’m in Tennessee at my parents’ house, and it’s unbearable! Usually June is very pleasant and it doesn’t hit 100s until August, but at least you have a couple months to prepare. But this year, BAM! It was 100 by the beginning of June and in the 90 percentile in terms of humidity. It’s dreadful–if you’re outside, you really have to be by (or in) a pool!
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  2. The weather finally cleared here – it’s about 10 degrees (celsius) cooler and clear blue skies, thank goodness! With my asthma I really really hate the dust, and it’s certainly no friend to the photographer either!

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  3. Wow, with a view like that you won’t pine away for the great outdoors!
    The worst view from work is a green, leafy park with a blue sky and puffy white clouds. Every day feels like punishment when you see that outside your office window. But you’ve got a nice, discouraging view. Must make it easy to turn back to your work inside!!
    Summer does seem to have hit early this year. Last year, we never got summer at all…we only got to 80s for a week or two. Maybe fall will come early! LOL (I’m not a big summer fan. I wouldn’t do well in Dubai.)


  4. Wow – what a picture! I am in Maryland USA – and we broke the heat record today with 100F in June (it was 98F). Not quite as bad as Dubai, but hot enough for me to stay inside all day!


  5. Wow what does that dust do to asthma sufferers?
    In Japan its been raining and cloudy for the last 2 weeks. Apparently it’s called the plum rains. Yesterday the sun came out and I was hopping and skipping like a child. I immediately went to sit out and had a 15 minute sunbath. Today the sun was gone again. Temps have been manageable-low to mid 80’s.
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  6. That’s so bad. The gulf areas never seem to be rid of clear skies at times. It is the most undesirable weather for those with asthma and other breathing problems. I am glad not to be part of it only for climatic conditions.


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