Astronomy 101 at 7 am

Pristine Jumeirah Village 1

While waiting for the school bus at 7 am (!), Pristine called out, “Mom, ask me a question!”. She likes our quiz type conversations and would request for it randomly. Randomly means on random times, DAILY. 

It’s 7am, people and though I have been awake for almost two hours already, somehow my brain is left in the kitchen sink. So I decided I’ll go with the planet thingie coz you know, it’s the most accessible thing in the whole world at 7am. Don’t argue.

Me: “What S is the nearest star to the Earth? It gives us light and heat?”

P: “SUN!”

Good. Too easy.

Me: “What is the name of the planet that has the nick name: Blue Planet?”

P: “EARTH! EARTH because the oceans reflect the blue color all over!”

We go on…

Me: “What M is the planet after Earth, then?”

P: (smiling) “MARS!”

Me: “What other M is the first planet in the solar system?”

Silence. Eyes to the ceiling, fingers in chin. Foot tapping the floor.

P: “Hint?”

Me: “Mer….”

P: “MERS!!!”


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