HCG level still rising, more blood work

The torture continues. I was scheduled to have my blood drawn again on 6/14 but I woke up with a fever. It was like one of those, what the!? fevers, especially if I haven’t been sick for the whole 12 months. I was chilling and my body ached all over like I’ve been hit by a truck. My throat was painful – must be because of all those dust with the crap weather that we have right now. Oh and that colleague who don’t cover his mouth and nose when he sneezes. I called in sick and stayed in bed.

Now, if you’ve been pregnant before, you’ll know that high fever during the first trimester isn’t good. I am scared because as far as my HCG levels are concerned, I am *still* pregnant.

Fever rose to 102F so I called the doctor and she said Panadol would be ok. So Panadol it was. I was back on my feet the next day and had my blood drawn. Thank God the male nurse who did the needle work was a pro. I didn’t feel any pain. He was so good that I want to book him for the next few weeks!

Anyway the waiting game continues. The results came in the evening and it read: 282. To summarize it all, we have these numbers so far:

6/2: 46

6/5: 37

6/10: 136

6/15: 282

It is rising, yes so a probable pregnancy can’t be ruled out but it is rising slowly when it should’ve doubled every 2-3 days. Ultrasound is pretty useless right now because unless this HCG number reach 2000+, the sonogram won’t reveal anything.

I’m back to face the  needle again tomorrow.


By the way, when I was at the clinic requesting for a pregnancy blood test, the receptionist readily gave me a slip without a fuss. A lady came in asking for the same and was told, “Can I see your marriage certificate, ma’am?”. I couldn’t believe my ears. What? Probable pregnant ladies are required to tuck their marriage certificates in their purses here? The lady did not comment and went away – either she wasn’t married or that she forgot her marriage certificate home. I wish she just didn’t bring it. (Here, getting pregnant and not married is spelled as TROUBLE)

I’m definitely living in a very different world.


  1. Do they really do that, ask for marriage certificate? Hmmm…
    Anyways, wishing you all well Grace…

    I’ve heard stories that clinics/doctors ask for a marriage certificate esp in the ob-gyne but it was my first time hearing someone actually ask!

    Thanks for the well wishes.



  2. I hope you are taking care of yourself. No matter what happens, Grace, you need to be taking care of you. Sending big hugs and lots of love!

    Thanks. I will see the doctor if I can get a medical certificate to submit to my boss so he’ll at least allow me to have a more flexible or probably shortened work hours, even on the first months…if indeed I needed it (if indeed I am pregnant)

    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Hitting The Wall =-.



  3. Hello grace! WOW, this is a very welcomed surprise! grabe giyod diay ko ka-wala sa internet loop- been away for a week in Cebu and only had limited and intermittent internet. I’m also crossing my fingers and hoping that this is it! goodluck grace, I’ll be praying for you 🙂
    .-= bin´s last blog ..Running and running and running some more? =-.



  4. I hope that you’re well now and if just in case you need to rest, do so. specially if you have a workmate who doesn’t care about ethics while sneezing. will pray for you and the baby 🙂 God bless.

    At this stage, we don’t know if there is a “baby” inside. As with my symptoms, it seems that there’s none…HCG level slowly rising, bleeding. *sigh*

    I wish I could take a few days of off from work but that is not probable right now. I just sit down at work so it’s not really physically stressful but the drive in the morning is tough.

    .-= Edez´s last blog ..Weekend Random =-.



  5. We are praying for you Grace, keep the faith! Take a rest, everything will be okay because God is always with us.

    Thanks, Bing. Whatever will be, will be. I guess.



  6. You just better take care of yourself over there Mrs! It sounds like taking off of work and taking it easy was the smart thing to do!

    That is so WEIRD…Hopefully you get some answers soon 🙂

    Love and energies coming your way!

    Thanks Kayla! Yeah it’s so weird..why can’t I just have a positive pregnancy stick and just wait for labor afterwards!?



  7. I second … I hope you will get an answer soon, and that the answer is what you have been been yearning for. Take care! (crossing my fingers…)

    I guess, all I can do is wait and time will tell. Whatever it is, I am ready to accept. As my previous email to you — I already acknowledged that I miscarried and sad to say, I am not keeping my hopes up just because the HCG numbers are rising because of things like molar pregnancy, blighted ovum and ectopic!!

    .-= Charlotte | Life’s a Charm!´s last blog ..T-Ball =-.



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