Something fishy

Once, a wrong turn lead us to the Sharjah – one of the seven Emirates beside Dubai. We were hungry so we stopped in a mall to buy food and water. Entering that particular Sharjah mall was like slipping into another time. Contrary to all the glittery glitz and modernity of Dubai, we saw an entertainment area similar to those in the 80’s…even the lighting and the aura of the whole place looked so retro, and that’s saying it in a bad way.

We had our grocery and headed for the door when we saw a pet shop selling fishes. And no, not just the usual ones but something unique…

flag fish

People, these are REAL fishes. It’s such a pity I’ve met them during the time I forgot to bring my camera. Damn, I’m with my camera most of the time but not this time! I took these with my mobile phone camera so it’s a little blurred.

rainbow fish 3

Still. Can you see why there’s something fishy about these fishes? No? Look again!

rainbow fish 1


Who the hell, imprints the colors of the UAE flag into these poor fishes’ scales!?


And if you think that’s the end of it, I swear this fish is wearing red lipstick.

Read. Mah. Lipz.

Read. Mah. Lipz.

Can  you imagine how the work is done to color these fishes? How many fishes actually survived the procedure and lived on to show off their new scales? Last question: who buys this!? This is just weird.


  1. My first thought was also that they are wearing lip-stick! Ugh, poor fish – this is patriotism gone completely wrong…



  2. That is definitely weird. I’m not sure how you would dye a fish – maybe holding the stamp lightly against their sides for a time? Couldn’t push too hard, or that would be the end of the fish.

    Either way, couldn’t be much fun for the fish.



  3. Looks like they tatooed their mouths as well. How is this legal? I’m assuming they had to be dry to do it, which would be suffocating to a fish, which are animals and feel things too.



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