What “b”

Whenever we go on long car trips, Pristine and I while away our time playing games at the backseat of the car while M drives. We have the “yes and no game” where I ask her questions but she’s not allowed to say “yes” or “no”. In 30 seconds if she succeeds answering my questions without saying either yes or no, then she wins.

I reward her with tickles and wet kisses. So far, she’s contented with the prize. It’s a fun game (played on the local radio here), try it with your kids at home.

Then there’s this other game we call, “Starts with”. It goes like this:

Me: “What “a” is a form of transportation that carries people from one place to another by flying?”

Pristine: “Aeroplane!”

Then we go through other letters. She’s very fast with answers so I decided to up the difficulty level of my question.

Me: “What “b” is used to connect one land to another if in between them there’s an obstacle like bodies of water?”

Pause. She bats her eyelashes. Thinks really hard.

Me: “Hint: This “b” is long, made of concrete, sometimes beautifully decorated. There’s one called “Rainbow B_ _ _ _ _” in Yokohama. (she knows this)

Pristine: “Boobs!”

What!? All this time, she thought there’s Rainbow Boobs in Yokohama!! The answer is bridge, hello?

Pristine: “Oh, that was hard!”


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