It’s raining…HP

It was Pristine’s school’s year end program last week before they got serious with the exams and wrap up the school year by the end of this month. The school said the program will start at 4:15 pm but I thought, like the previous programs where we were made to wait for at least 30 minutes, there’s no way they would start the program on time. I mean, this isn’t Japan.

I came home from work to pick up my mom and my aunt and we arrived at school at 4:30 pm only to hear the program has already started and Pristine and his classmates were about to perform! I was in panic, ran through the corridors while getting the video camera ready! Whew, thank God I was able to set everything when the stage curtain opened or else someone’s really going to cry the whole weekend!

They performed High School Musical’s “Together, together” song – the one she’s been practicing for days, pom poms and all. It was a delight to see her so confident dancing and singing in the stage.

HP netbook

We bought tickets to the show, priced at 10 dhs each ($3), proceeds will go to the treatment of one of the school teacher who has cancer. We had three tickets, all with numbers on them. Pristine said, there will be a lucky draw with a Paddington bear and something “big”. Hoo haa, I didn’t know what that “big” was. It was supposed to be a surprise. Pristine was telling me the whole time, never ever forget the tickets mom, because we will win that big prize!

At the end of the show, when the lucky draw was made they called out: #98 – OUR NUMBER!! No one made a fuss, including US because there was no announcement of what the prize was.

What do you know, it’s another HP netbook, y’all. Only a few days after I won an HP 210 netbook from a local contest. Pristine was right that we’d win. She’ll have a bright future being a fortune teller.

My aunt bought the netbook at a very discounted price – all proceeds will go to Pristine’s Tokyo Disneyland ticket and her pocket money for our Japan trip next year.


  1. ahhhhhhh! believe na giyod ko sa imong pagkaswerte grace! 🙂 puede ikaw ang mag sign up sa among mga raffle dinhe sa SM og sa citibank? car baya ang prize– vios… hehehe…. naa baya na dinhe grace, and sa imong ka swerte kun ikaw siguro mag fill up- makuha giyod nimo mga grand prize…



  2. Dear lord, your on FIRE woman!! I swear, you are one of the luckiest people I know 😀

    I’m happy to hear you made it on time to Pristine’s performance! I seriously think people need to advertise times at least a half an hour earlier then scheduled-That way it gives enough time for parents to settle in and johnny-come-latelies to actually make it on time!

    Congrats again ^.^
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Rest in Peace Rue. =-.



  3. wow tsdaha oi, napa lugar ka isa nabilin? akoa nalng na beh. 🙂 nana dong jj. abot na ang baboy kaganina sau sa buntag. pag online mo unya, mag cam to cam ta. babooooyyy na kaau c dong jj!!!!! grabi ka baboy gyd!!!!



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