Too close yet still far


Oh lookie, there’s a photo of a guy in my blog! And it’s not my husband but I love and miss him so much.

Brother #2 of mine (I have 4 brothers) was in Dubai today – for only 2 hours. We didn’t get to see each other which really sucks because the last time we saw each other was 2 years ago. He’s an electronics engineer working for a Norwegian vessel and was in the seas of Namibia , South Africa, Mozambique and Madagascar for 8 months. It’s his first time working abroad and he told stories of how the huge waves of the Atlantic ocean can become so monstrous it could swallow the whole ship in seconds, how he puked like crazy on his first days at work because of sea sickness and how beautiful Africa is.

When his contract finished, he has to fly back to Manila from Johannesburg and the Emirates airline flight had a stopover in Dubai.

I was of course excited. My mom was too, naturally. But his company didn’t allow him to go out of the airport as a transit passenger saying they’ll be held responsible if anything happens to him outside while he is in their contract. They booked him on the earliest flight to Manila right after his plane lands in Dubai!

FYI, my house is just a 15 minute drive from the airport!

I miss my brother. He’s already 28 now but to me, he will always be that kid who comes into my room to tell me his scores in Math, how he hated Brother #1 who doesn’t clean their room (haha), share with me the passion for cooking (he’s the king in our kitchen) and laugh with me at the littlest of things.

By the way, he’s still single and unattached – for the curious chicks. 😉

9 thoughts on “Too close yet still far

  1. Sounds perfect for my daughter. Beautiful, single, 24. 🙂
    Sorry you missed seeing your brother. That just sucks! Knowing he´s so near, and not being able to greet him!

    Really sucks, since we live just 15 mins away from the airport where he is!BTW, I just realized…my brother will kill me (or thank me?) for playing match maker hahaha


  2. yatis! asa na c baboy?? wala mn nag contact kang alain! c dong jj oi, asa na to nga tangkal napadpad.. wala man kahay txt2 nah or tawag


  3. Oh I’m so sorry you didn’t get to see him! 😦 Gone are the days when we could meet up with someone on a layover in the airport… that’s how I saw my cousins back in ’98 when we flew through Miami. It was cool as we hadn’t seen them in years either.
    It would have been a good boost to your day. 😦


  4. I see good looks run in the family 😉
    I wish you got to spend some more time with your brother before he left! It sounds like he has quite an interesting job. I would LOVE to be able to travel and see the world like that.
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Rest in Peace Rue. =-.


  5. hala grace noh- mao ni si JJ? gamay pa man kaayo ni sa una bah– ingon ana na diay ta ka ‘mature’? hehehe… wa diay ni uyab? very good kaayo he’s traveling around the world!


  6. you can see your brother, can it is OK!! either the time is short or not ( well , I do really hope you can met him more longer and talk about)


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