Aaaand, snap!

We got a very important milestone over the weekend. It involved Pristine, me and an Oral B dental floss. Any guesses?

A picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll save typing:

milk tooth gone

Pristine, 6 years, 5 months, 5 days, one milk teeth gone.

I found out that Pristine has her dad wrapped around her fingers. That M falls weak on his knees at every whim his only daughter makes. He is strict, if you only know how he teaches Pristine Mathematics…but when it comes to other things, I am 100% sure he is smitten with her. The tooth in question had been hanging by it’s already weak root and I’ve asked M to pull it off. It wouldn’t be that hard, right? My father pulled off all his children’s milk teeth, all 6 of his children by himself so I’ve got this universal unwritten rule in my head that loose milk teeth, along with say, circumcision is a dad’s job.

What happened? M wasn’t able to pull it off. When he touches it and Pristine winces, “Oww, oww, ouch”, he stops and tells me Pristine is in pain, that the tooth isn’t ready yet, that we better go to a dentist, yada, yada, yada.

Dude, it’s YOU who’s not ready. The tooth is ready, I swear it’s ripe to be yanked.

So I had to be like my father, pulled up my sleeves and looked for a thread but got a light bulb moment: the dental floss looked so much better. I cut about 10 cms of dental floss and made a lasso on her loose tooth. M was holding her, telling her to relax, kissing her forehead, cuddling her like a sick child…I was telling her stories while tightening the lasso on the teeth.

“So what do we do onyour birthday? Would you like some pink balloons, or red ones? The cake? Would we make it or…”


Before both Pristine and M knew it, I’ve yanked the tooth with my Oral B floss lasso. I felt like a cowboy who caught a wild bull. I’m not too good with treating wounds or seeing blood so this feat? It will go down as one of the things I’m proud of, next to the 40 hour labor.


  1. ka cute n pristine na pangag. nabasa nako imong comment sa fb n mikel. hahaha. naa gyd word nga ‘ewww.. ewww man gyd! hahah.



  2. Congrats on the first tooth! My son lost his first tooth a few weeks ago…we made a tooth fairy pillow out of felt and hung it from his bed for the tooth fairy.



  3. Hello Grace!
    Finally I found your blog again. Remember me? Betty from Paraguay? I somehow lost your blog address when I changed my blog. Then today I saw your comment at Maribeths.
    This story about your daughter´s tooth, was hilarious! 🙂 Your hubby sounds like mine with our girls. So typical. 🙂
    Anyway glad I found your blog again and hope you come by mine again too.



  4. Aw! I remember my first lost tooth-It was a momentous occasion 😀 😀 😀
    Tell Pristine I’m so happy for her (the Tooth Fairy was very generous with that first lost tooth LOL)!
    And congrats to you, mummy, who became the father and the mother for this feet 😉
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Win Your Choice of Cat Note Cards(6/4) =-.



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