Gnarly, racist dude: 404 for ‘ya!

no racism

What would you do if you encounter a blog, a Tweet, a reading material that’s obviously, blatantly offensive in nature? Something that shouts racial hatred in your face?

The UAE expat community do not take something like this sitting down. We were recently outraged by a blog called Al-Emirati, written by a group of people, mostly locals. I won’t glorify that blog further by giving it a live link although it’s pointless now anyway – that blog in question has been removed by Google due to racist content. A big “Not Found” 404 Error page is displayed when you request for the URL of that blog. That’s what you get for being a bigot in a country that’s supposed to be a melting pot of more than 200 nationalities.

The blog was nothing but negative, offensive posts – making fun of people and sensitive issues. The latest of which involved the Air India crash that killed more than 150 people, most of them Indian expatriates from Dubai. The blogger made fun of the passengers who died which is a blow too low considering dead people can’t defend themselves. The blogger belittles Indian expatriates and communities with slanderous statements, forgetting that the UAE wouldn’t be what it is now if not for these people from the sub-continents (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka). The post was ingrate and very uncalled for.

I invite you to see the original content of that vicious blog post here and judge for yourself.

But while that post was written by an Emirati, he doesn not represent all locals as a whole. I don’t believe every Emirati is like him – racist, ignorant, arrogant and vile. Or one can only hope not everyone is like him.

So the blog, hosted by Google has been removed and now questions are raised. Was it the right thing to remove/block the blog? Or should it be allowed to exist, be ignored or argued upon?


  1. Surprisingly enough I’m more of a let the thing exist, and let it wither away because no one pays attention to it, than outright banning of the material. They’re idiots, but they still have a right to display their idiocy.

    .-= Ticia´s last blog ..After six months it?s done?? =-.



    1. Same here. I would’ve ignored because it’s not like they can’t create a new blog again and again to display their idiocy.



  2. The blog was indeed horrible to read and and am very glad that it was removed! But seriously when we look arnd us in this land, don’t we call see open racism of every kind? Or maybe that would be too much to claim but atleast won’t you be judged from what nationality u r from?

    Anyways racism aside, that person must be really sick to wish death upon innocent people, that only helping his country!
    .-= Anu´s last blog ..The Pillow Talk =-.



  3. If it were on his/her own paid-for domain, I’d say “let it sit” because this person has the right to feel and speak as he pleases, even if it’s offensive to 99.9999999999999 percent of the rest of us. On a free platform, however, especially one that has explicit rules against hate speech, no. Google did the right thing. If this person wants to spew crud all over the place, let him pay $35 a year for his/her own domain. What’s sad to me is that in many cases, a very vocal minority sully the reputations of everyone around them as a whole when they speak this way.
    .-= Julie @ Knitting and Sundries´s last blog ..What are YOU doing this summer? =-.



  4. If that website comes online ever again, will be taken down repeatedly by D-DOS attacks, This bigot is going to have a tough time holding his account 🙂
    He has no were to go.



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