Completely idiotic Sheikh Zayed road stunts

I’ve written my dislike for driving in Dubai roads before, in dealing with mental drivers who sadly are aplenty. Now the news today took this dislike to a whole new level. A video had been posted in YouTube showing young drivers performing road stunts on Dubai’s main SEVEN LANE highway, Sheikh Zayed Road. A pick up truck intentionally spins and skids across the road while a 4×4 zigzags across six lanes of traffic (cars running at 100kmh) balanced on ONLY TWO WHEELS. This isn’t a show.

Video credit: The National

The images are shocking to say the least and without an arrest as of this writing everyone knows the nationality of these reckless drivers. Where are they now? Somewhere in Dubai waiting to kill people! See the whole WTF maddening story via The National.

Driver of those two vehicles: you stupid, incredibly selfish, bored, spoiled twat!


  1. Oh, my! I’ve seen something similar to that here in Riyadh, too. It’s so reckless and dumb. I have to admit that I always get anxious every time we go out because I’m scared of how many crazy drivers there are out on the roads in the MidEast.
    .-= CandyQ´s last blog’s Crystal versus Lee =-.



  2. Holy crap-and they’re doing this on the road while normal cars are driving!?
    They didn’t get arrested for that? That’s definitely a blatant display of reckless endangerment and public disturbance!

    Wait until one of them or someone else gets killed-Unfortunately that’s what it’s going to take for them to wake up and actually do something about this 😦
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Oprah Trip:: Day 2 =-.



  3. simply if u didnt like the way they are driving JUST LEAVE THE COUNTRY
    they are locals and belive me no u or anyone can get them to prison
    belive me even if its written that they are in jail
    i can show u a vid that they are outside with a newspaper with the todays date 🙂
    its only there car which its regestration is suspended for a month
    so u people if u dont like it just leave the country and u would make us locals happy when u leave the UAE



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