Things I learned after 3+ years in Dubai

Dubai creek

1. You can never be accustomed to the heat. You just develop some kind of mystic tolerance towards it but you’ll never stop dreading it when the calendar hits May.

2. At one point in your life, you stop going to the beach. Just like that.

3. The increase in petrol price almost go unnoticed (because it’s that cheap).

4. There are no ‘small’ events in Dubai. If I knew the opening of the world’s tallest building was that grand, I would’ve done everything to get a closer glimpse.

5. There’s another mall opening and you say, “Heh” and continue your normal weekend breakfast instead of jumping out and heading towards it as soon as you hear the news.

6. There’s always a sale at the stores the whole year through.

7. Your friends, daughter’s friends at school or your next door neighbor starts packing up and leave behind their transient Dubai life. (Now that you only started to get close with them, they leave…)

8. Even if the driving schools have reinforced stricter policies, there are still idiots on the road.

9. Living in Dubai has the capability to make my daughter forget her first language (Japanese).

10. There’s just too many stray cats in the streets and that the severe temperatures in summer do not stop the desert birds from procreating whenever chance they get.

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  1. It sounds like in numbers 6 and 8 we are similar-Regarding the other numbers, well, I guess it’s nice to get a glimpse into your daily life 🙂



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