Aaand it’s time to declare: Summer 2010 is here!

summer heat

Yesterday, after work I drove for 20 minutes and got out of the car looking like I peed in my pants. I only work half day on Saturdays so I’m out of the office at 1:30 pm – most probably the hottest hour of the day. The back of my shirt is wet and I don’t know, back sweat has trickled all the way down yeah, you get the picture (sorry if you don’t want to get the picture)…I look like a toddler who missed to arrive at the toilet by 2 seconds.

I was talking to my friend in Japan and she was ecstatic to give me some weather news: Japan’s spring season is almost over and it’s heating up there at 20C.

Right. It’s heating up here too at 35C and it’s just the beginning of May.

The mornings are still ok, unless you go out at 8:30 without an umbrella. Once I went out to buy something and thought my scalp would curl and crisp like a breakfast bacon. It’s that hot. This is the time of the year where we expats of the UAE, who dread the summer heat but love to stay here for so many other reasons, run from one airconditioned building to another.


  1. I remember this season as when you need to go to your car where it is parked and just going out, its like a really hot blower in front of your face. there’s also sandstorm from yesterday, the heat is really here.
    .-= Edez´s last blog ..Weekend Random =-.



  2. Yup summer’s surely here… every year I’d pray for global warming to hit Dubai and change the climes or something… Darn thing dosen’t happen… but hey that said it’s almost time for the traffic free roads… that should give u some break… 🙂
    .-= Anu´s last blog ..A weekend that was? =-.



  3. my husband and i visited dubai in january and the weather was lovely. i’m glad it wasn’t in the summer or we would have been at ski dubai the whole time!

    Dubai in January is absolutely fantastic! Hotel rates in the summer goes cheap so if ever you visit in summer, there’s always that option to relax and unwind in your room during daytime and come out when the sun sets and the whole place comes alive again at night!

    .-= mina @ sending postcards´s last blog ..robben island =-.



  4. Aaaaand, this is why I don’t think I could survive living in Saudi although Brian keeps trying to convince me we should move there to teach! 😉
    How hot does it get mid-summer?

    It gets around 110-115F!!
    Not a problem unless you go walking outside..and sweat trickles in 5
    seconds! But hey I stood outside waiting for the bus for at least
    20-30 minutes last year (August-September) coz my ‘good’ husband can’t
    go home early (offices are only up to 3pm during Ramadan)…

    and I’m still alive!



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