Stinky or not

Pristine and me Dubai Metro March 2010

Pristine came back sweaty and stinky from school after an activity and I greeted her at the front door with kisses and hugs, like I’ve not seen her in 50 years.

Pristine: “Wait, wait, mama! I’m stinky!”

Me: “Well I don’t care if you’re stinky, I still love you, stinky or not!”

And I continue wrestling her while she wriggles her way out to the bathroom. That night we talked.

Pristine: “Mama, am I still stinky?”

Me: (inhaling the smell of her hair) “No, you smell so nice, not stinky at all.”

Pristine: “Ma, can you promise me you won’t kiss and hug me when I’m stinky? It’s yucky.”

Me: “Oh no, even if you’re the stinkiest girl in the world, I will still kiss you, hug you and love you forever! Do you know that?”

Pristine: “Uhm…I don’t know…I don’t know if I am the stinkiest girl in the world!”


  1. How sweet! I CAN’T relate since I have two boys 4 and 6 🙂
    Altho they do like to put Axe bodyspray on – they call it ‘sauce’.



  2. What a cutie!
    Today I saw a little girl at church. She was a few rows ahead of me and kept looking back and smiling at me. She reminded me of Pristine and her pretty smile! =)



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