Taking portraits again, because, why not?

I was cleaning up and found something: my Canon Digital Rebel XSi SLR camera which I haven’t touched in quite a while now since I bought the more handy point and shoot. It’s a shame how I put it in one corner, sitting there in the dark, lonely.

I picked it up and invited Pristine to the nearby park. I haven’t taken decent shots of her in a while now so it was the perfect time. Besides, she was all for it.

Pristine 2010.04.23 1

Which perfect Aperture? F stop? I forgot how sometimes “difficult” this can be if you lose touch (for me at least!). Pristine ended up looking as white as a ghost!

Another take, in uhm, another costume – yes, we bought different kinds of clothing with us.

Pristine 2010.04.23 2

Pristine loved standing by this tree with “rhino skin” she said.

Pristine 2010.04.23 4


Pristine 2010.04.23 3

Better. I like Sepia.

We had the park all to ourselves on Friday early mornings (9am) since most of the people are still asleep after Thursday night out. Dubai looks almost looks like a ghost town on Friday mornings (not connected to recession).

I took a break from snapping photos and Pristine walked around the park, checking out the moist grass. (Photo straight from the cam, with zero effect, untouched except the watermark)

Pristine 2010.04.23 5

I was just starting to have fun clicking away photos and getting back my lost feel of the camera when she said she needed to use the washroom. Eeeek. But we’ve just started! The washroom inside the park wasn’t clean and she refused come inside so we had to drive back home!

Pristine 2010.04.23 6

Good thing the park is just 10 minutes away or we could have ruined her new favorite polka dot dress. We didn’t go back again to the park as it was getting hot. Maybe next time. There will definitely be a next time. 

Photos taken using Canon Digital Rebel XSi, Canon EF 50mm lens.


  1. grabe! nice kaau imong training sa iyaha…kabalo na gyud sya mo pose sa camera. bsan asa na angle cute kaau c pristine..thumbs up for her mom…



  2. What amazing pictures!! Pristine looks just gorgeous in all of them (I can see why that polka dot dress is her favorite) ^.^
    It’s great that you can take a break and just go to the park-not many people would do that.



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