Missing the beach

pristine at beach-1

I don’t know why but we’ve stopped going to the beach. I miss the salty air, the white fine sand on my feet, the emerald green water, looking at the sunset over the horizon and most of all, I miss seing Pristine having a great time on the sand.

On our first month here, we used to go to the beach every week or every chance we got. We only have one day of off per week, on Fridays and early in the morning we head to the beach. When M started working, our beach trips decreased to just about once a month and now after more than three years in Dubai, I just found out that the last time we dipped our feet on the sandy shores was more than SIX months ago!!

Whatever happened?

me and pristine mamzar beach

I love the beach but I guess the hectic work and only one day off is getting the better of me, of us. A beach trip usually involves packing clothes, towels, food then a bit of swimming, cleaning up, folding beach mats and chairs, coming home to clean up and wash the laundry. Before I know it, I’m back to work the day after.

I’ve lost my beach mojo.

But I want it back because I know I will regret not going when it’s easily accessible – the nearest is just a ten minute drive from home (but our favorite beach is about 30 minutes away). But our Fridays now are mostly spent at home lazying around, me teaching Pristine how to bake, we watch almost unending string of Japanese drama in DVD’s, play Wii and most of all, nap in the afternoon to ‘recharge’ and be ready for another week.

Beaches in Dubai are ‘swim-ready’ most times of the year except with a few months when the sand is too hot it’ll scorch your feet or melt the bottom of your flip flops or the water is too cold on December-January. Compared to living in Japan, we get maximum beach time here but we are not taking advantage of it. Our life in Dubai is temporary as we do not plan to settle here (as of now) so I know I will slap myself with guilt when I end up living in Utah or in the middle of Canada next and might not see the beach again until I die.

I guess a beach trip is in the works next weekend.

10 thoughts on “Missing the beach

  1. For 10 years I have lived 20 minutes from the beautiful beaches in southern Portugal and have been in the water twice. You don’t appreciate what’s in your own back yard until you don’t have it anymore. WHen I move to the UAE, I will have to change my ways.


  2. I grew up on Cape Cod. This place has a beach almost everywhere you look. I never appreciated that until now, at age 51. So I decided, that when I retire and can live anywhere, I am going back to the Cape. I will buy a small cottage and go to the beach each day and walk on the sands.
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Fax =-.


  3. Darn Grace… I live close to the beach as well, but its not even close to the beach in UAE. My kids love the beach and we go at least once a month or go to the pool every two weeks because of the heat. But after going to Boracay last year, we stopped going to the nearby beaches. My kids said they did not want to swim in dirty seawater anymore… 😦
    .-= Alma´s last blog ..My Top 3 Symbian Applications =-.


  4. oh, no! just 10 minutes from your home? then ,go there!! If you have no time to prepare swimming there, just go there have a walk or see the sunsight! MOTTAINAI YO..


  5. It’s true, you sometimes don’t take advantage of the things you have until they’re gone! We lived half an hour from the ocean when I was a kid and didn’t go nearly enough. Now we get to go maybe once a year… 😦 Although our oceans aren’t for swimming, just being gorgeous!
    .-= Krista´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Daffodils =-.


  6. We have the lots of nice beaches in Canada! Especially on the east coast, between New Brunswick and PEI there is a Straight, so are waters are as warm as the beaches in Florida 🙂


  7. We have the lots of nice beaches in Canada! Especially on the east coast, between New Brunswick and PEI there is a Straight, so are waters are as warm as the beaches in Florida


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