Meeting Kristin Luna

Kristin & me enjoying dinner

Kristin & me enjoying dinner

Last week, I met the mighty talented Kristin Luna of Camels and Chocolates. She’s a travel writer who has written articles for Frommers, Newsweek, Forbes Traveller and more as well as awesome blogger – do check out her blog if you love travelling or even if you don’t. There’s plenty of really good stories of her travels that will make you tell yourself: “I really need to go out and see the world!”

Kristin, enroute home to San Francisco after spending one month in Africa working on her latest assignment was in Dubai for 24 hours. We opted for a 2 hour cruise of Dubai Creek on a traditional wooden boat with buffet dinner. I’ve been to a dhow cruise before but my first time with the dhow cruise by Radisson Blu so I was excited. Moreover, I was excited to see Kristin – any opportunity to meet a bloggy friend in real life merits a celebration!

With my work-home-work-home schedule everyday, I have to admit, I don’t have that many friends here in Dubai. Totally my fault though as I don’t go out at night much when invited. I’m shy at parties…but I love small dinners with few people.

Kristin takiing photo of the night lights

Kristin takiing photo of the night lights

Anyway, I immediately recognized Kristin as she walked by me. It was amazing how I feel so relaxed around her right there and then, like we’ve known each other for years? (Hope I don’t sound like a crazed fan or stalker!!) We get to chat the night away or until the cruise finished at 10:30 pm. The weather was great, not too hot at this time of the year. It even drizzled a bit when we were just about to board the boat! Rain in April! Hah, Kristin is a lucky girl coz it rarely rains in Dubai.

The night breeze on the top open deck was so lovely and I had the pleasure of hearing Kristin’s travel stories straight from her! Great food and great company, a very nice  break from my hectic days at work these past few weeks!

Thanks so much Kristin for the wonderful time and lovely dinner!


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