Back like nothing happened

My work colleague has come back after being away for more than three months when he went back to his homecountry where he lost his bag containing his passport (and other valuables). When he entered the office, everyone welcomed him back like we weren’t pissed with him when he told us he couldn’t come soon, like no one has to put up doing extra work hours and work load on his behalf, like there wasn’t someone who sometimes have to skip lunch just to get everything done in time (*raising hand*). I like this office, people are so forgiving. Pfffft.

He went back to his home country to spend honeymoon (he was married last October but quickly came back – another arranged marriage where he only saw his bride on the day of their wedding). Then he lost his passport, so he says and had to spend so much time waiting for the police report, for the new passport and new visa to come back here.

The least he could do is smile and say sorry or something but he is arrogant and unapologetic, acting like nothing happened. No one was expecting anything other than him apologizing perhaps for the trouble he had caused but there was nothing to that tune. Not even “obligatory food” mostly small amounts of sweets from home that everyone distributes when they come back from vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on a diet and off from taking sugar but I feel the people around were expecting something and they deserve it, especially our very patient boss who did not proceed to firing him after this mess.

I start to wonder if he really, really lost his passport or if this is some kind of way for him to spend a longer honeymoon with his new wife. Or that I am really bitter because I am just really tired these past few weeks.


Either way, it’s back to business around here. At least, I hope I won’t be skipping lunch and gym time (and not to mention some little blogging!) because of some extra work load. Hope all of you have a great weekend!


  1. “he only saw his bride on the day of their wedding” ?!!! I have no words about it, I can not do that,even in the ancient time most person like him..



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