Without further ado, birdie batch 3


While I was busy working and not updating my blog, the birdies did not waste time giving me something to write and think about: apparently, birds do not know anything about birth control. I know I say it again and again and again!

Remember the newly hatched birds (two of them) a couple of weeks ago? Well, they DIED. One morning we woke up to see both of them lifeless. My mother thought they’ve been poisoned by the toxic nest, full of bird droppings since they are the second batch and mama bird had been using the same nest. Pristine had so many questions regarding their death. Death is something so hard to explain to a child even if the one involved is an animal.

Since we could not open that part of the window where the nest is, my mom got a long stick (our curtain rod!) and removed the nest with the two dead birds in it. All was well until one weekend, we woke up to two birds ‘surveying’ the small space outside our window. The other bird would walk around while the other will attempt to fly low – we assumed that it was testing the flight path for the future baby birds. It is amazing to see.

Here are the birds trying to build a new nest using twigs and thin wires which they have bent so perfectly to form a circle!

batch 3 couple conference

We also saw the two of them helping one another BUILD ANOTHER NEST on the opposite side of where the old nest was! There are more than 15 apartments with outside window spaces like ours but they chose ours as their nesting place. That would mean something. What do you think?

Their labor of love for the month of April:

batch 3 egg no 1

Since they built the nest on the side where we can open our window, I got a clearer view!

This morning I woke up early and waited until mama bird fly out so I can check out the nest again. Surprise, surprise.

batch 3 egg no 1 and 2

So as much as I don’t want to turn this into a bird blog, I can’t help it – Pristine asked me to write about it and post photos. We’re again excited for the birds to come and hope both of them hatch and survive.


Sorry for this delay but Congratulations to Jacki for winning a copy of the book, The Recipe Club courtesy of Harper Collins!


  1. Wow, they died? So sad. And so these are a new pair of birds? Are they the same kind or different? I can’t really tell.

    Did your colleague come back yet??? I hope!



  2. So they have found a “NEW LAND” to build their new house!
    I too feel sorry for the other two birds. pristine is a darling to be concerned about them.

    Yes, If the birds build a nest only near YOUR window, lets wait and see the ‘meaning’ of it πŸ˜‰
    .-= PeachRainbow´s last blog ..A Cute Bag Pattern Giveaway! =-.



  3. I enjoy the “bird” posts! Keep the photos coming. It amazes me how they can build a nest like that using their beaks and claws! So cool that Pristine can watch nature happening right on her window sill!



  4. It’s so exciting to see a next and be able to witness it first hand what goes into building a nest and chicks. Earlier today I read a post about someone who documented baby hummingbirds from egg to feather which was awesome.

    I hope these ones fair better than your last batch.
    .-= Moe´s last blog ..Purina Maxx Scoop and the Big Test =-.



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