Today I want to declare back to regular program

I know I’ve written before that the work load storm has passed and I’m free to blog again. My colleague who was stuck in India promised to come back before I wrote that post. I was happy he’d come and take away some of the work load I’ve been doing – the work load that was his!

Then the phone call came.

“I forgot that I need to take an Indian immigration clearance before flying out. I need to stay for another 2-3 weeks.”

So he stayed there and enjoyed his mom’s home cooked meals while I continue hammering on the keyboard and saw nothing but my PC screen and mountain of papers for days. There were times when I really wanted to write something and hoped I’d have time (and energy) at the end of the day – so far, I had none. Then I’d forget what I wanted to say.

A couple of days ago, that colleague called my boss and also talked to me saying he’d come on Wednesday. TODAY. I’ve put his work load on his table, anticipating his return. I bet he’s excited to tackle his backlogs after THREE MONTHS away from the office. Or not.

It’s 9:30 am and he’s still not here.


  1. You can call ur colleague’s reason a bluff.. 😀 and blame it Google.. 😛

    Indian Emigration clearance is not required for Indians that have a degree certificate, even if it is required it is completed in just one working day not 2-3 weeks.

    Hang on in thr gal, I am sure he’d turn up on Sunday finally! 😛
    .-= Anu´s last blog ..Another one will bit the dust =-.



  2. Hey you’ve got a NEW LOOK!

    I think you will have to wait even more, because there will be some more ‘excuses’ before he would finally come (if he comes!)

    your management will have to be strict with such people.
    you must tell them that; either you will do only your work or you get paid for both of your work.

    You might see all those ‘excuses’ solved ‘miraculously’ If your management tells your ‘friend’ that they’ll have to replace him!
    .-= PeachRainbow´s last blog ..A Cute Bag Pattern Giveaway! =-.



  3. *rolls eyes* It’s a scam!! the oldest one in the book – they just think you don’t know. afterwards it will be: the flight was overbooked and i’ve been bumped off. the next flight i have been waitlisted for is 5 days time. Then: i’ve fallen sick: i had to go the doctor and he said not to fly for a month.



  4. Oh man, I HOPE he showed up >.<
    That really is not fair to you to have to pick up HIS slack-I understand that unforeseen circumstances arose, but still, he should find SOME way to make it up to you.



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