Birdie batch 2 is here

In the fear of turning this into a bird blog, I didn’t write about what happened after the egg outside our windows hatched. Except that he was named George.

George flew away ten days after he came out of the egg so the nest was empty again…but not for long! Mama bird didn’t waste time getting pregnant againΒ (apparently, in birdie world, there’s no such thing as birth control hee hee) and laid two eggs again some couple of weeks back! Two days ago, the eggs hatched – all TWO eggs! I couldn’t help but blog about them.

Birdies again

As you can see, the nest is full of bird droppings. Pristine said she can’t imagine sleeping in a crib with all that dirt from her mother! Ewww. But in the bird world, it is ok – or should I say, the little birdies do not have a choice.

Closer look of the birdies:


I wonder what will become of them a few days from now? They will outgrow the nest and fight for space!

Yesterday, Pristine told me that Mama bird flew out to find food and when she came back, she fed them “mouth to mouth style”. It was an amazing sight to see, especially in the eyes of a child. Also as you can see in the photos, the little birds’ heads aren’t in the same direction, one facing right and the other left. Mama bird sat on them (I hope she’s not heavy!) and a few minutes later, the little birdies were facing the same direction!

Pristine was like, “Whoa! How did she do that without hands?”


  1. how cute! how hot it must be that the birds have picked your window sill cooled by your ac, rather than the brances of a verdant tree!

    fun blog!



  2. Very cute.. Am sure it’s Pristine’s favo past time…

    I remember the days when our balcony were ideal nesting place for the stray pigeons… all was well until we were banned from entering our balcony completely – because of their over population. Man it was quiet a fight to win it back.. 😐



  3. Aw, yay!! Now the little birdie has a brother and/or sister πŸ˜€
    That’s so awesome that Pristine gets to see this-I’m sure it’s exciting to wake up each day to see what the birdie family is going to do next!
    They are just so darn cute xD
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Inspirational Tuesday(4/6) =-.



  4. I love these posts about the birds, don’t worry about ever posting too many for me. I love hearing Pristine’s reactions. I bet she missed George when he left, so I am glad when she got two more little ones to watch.

    BTW, I wanted to mention what a lovely photo of her with the book giveaway, she looks very natural in your new kitchen.
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Cutie Patootie from Babies Making Faces =-.



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