The day I almost went Gaga

I got bailed out. From heavy work, that is.

When work got in the way too much that I have to do at least one hour of overtime per day (no overtime pay) and even miss my lunch to finish up reports, I thought enough is enough – especially if in the middle of this mess, I see some colleagues opening their Facebook and chatting away the time or practicing their farming skills the whole day.

I took the matter to my boss, the team had a meeting and overall work was distributed – properly, this time! It can’t go on like it did these past few weeks – what for I left Japan, the country of overtimes and “karouji” (death due to fatigue from work)!

So, I could say I’m back in the groove of things and hopefully it will be this way always. It’s not fun to have work overload, I get lost in a time warp and I end up too tired even to drive home from work and feeling without a purpose in life than sit in the office. Living to work and not working to live, which should be.

That said, I’m going to enjoy my day off tomorrow by not getting up at 6 am.


lady gaga

On the other note, I almost missed to win a trip to Australia (free tickets, hotel, city tours in Perth and concert tickets) to see Lady Gaga. The radio had taken finalists all this week and I grabbed the last spot last night. The draw was this morning and I was so nervous, waiting for a phone call (I wasn’t able to do anything else including take breakfast because I was too distracted) but I wasn’t picked – oh well, at least I have a CD and a Lady Gaga monster headphone (whatever that is) to whoop whoop.

I am not that gaga over Gaga but a free trip to Australia is something to get excited about!

They’re doing the contest again next week and you bet, my fingers are ready to dial again!


Congratulations to Jackie who won a copy of the book, Brava, Valentine from Harper Collins! (Sorry this is late – you all know I was dead these past few days…)


  1. Aw, YAY!! I’m so happy that you actually got your point across to your boss(es) and they helped you out-Now you can breath a heavy and well deserved sigh of relief!

    I swear, you are the luckiest person I know when it comes to radio contests. LOL Even though you didn’t win this one, you came pretty darn close which does count in my book!!

    Just keep at it and I know you’ll win something else fabulous 😀
    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Features, Features Everywhere. =-.



  2. what were we like? i was on tenterhooks everytime a little noise went off!

    Anyway – Round 2. Good luck!!

    I couldn’t have gone anyway – just realised that the return date would have clashed with our trip to Jordan. At least that’s what I commiserate myself with anyway… if i had won: who would i choose? I can’t bring my daughter cos she went last time. my son is too young. i can’t leave them home alone whilst i gaga off to perth with the hubz. so was for the best (she says…)

    hahaha like i even got picked. what am i like!



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