Blogging and work clash

Hi, I did not die. Literally, no. After all, ghosts don’t write blogs, right?

I had been very busy with work – I know not the most colorful excuse of the day but I don’t know any better and it’s true. It’s a shame that it’s true. Two of my colleagues are still in their home countries and I’m still doing a workload of at least 2 people.

It pains to end the day, with an hour of overtime (at least) and think I’ve not written anything. This has been going on for days which is not nice because blogging had been my cheap (free) therapy.

Quickie updates:

  • My close friend/confidante Rose has left the UAE last Friday for the Philippines to deliver her baby. I will miss our chats. She’s a ray of sunshine and a great listener to my sometimes pointless blahs. She’s just gone for three days and I already attempted to call her, forgetting that she’s not here…


  • We watched Alice in Wonderland last Friday and I enjoyed the movie – but still insist that the Mad Hatter could be Elijah Wood and not Johnny Depp! The audience won’t know the difference!


  • The little birdie in our window sill isn’t so little anymore.

..which reminds me, I actually have something to say.

George birdie

Pristine has named the little bird “George” because lately, she’s been obsessed with the name “Georgia” (I don’t know why). Since the bird is assumed to be a boy bird, considering the size and all according to my mother who majored in Biology before (not sure if that has any connection, just thought I’d mention it heh). The male species are always bigger in built, and George is robust.

So George it is! In a few days, we think he’ll be able to fly.

Oh and the other egg didn’t make it. Mommy bird pecked it but the chick inside didn’t come out to see the light. Somehow, it made me kind of sad. 😦


  1. George.. how sweet. sorry to hear all the working you have had to do. I hope the one guy well both of them get back soon so you get a break and your daughter gets more time with you..sigh I know its hard..



  2. Well, I’ve been slack at reading blogs so I guess we’ve even! 😉
    Sorry you’re still so swamped at work. That’s no fun. I hope you get some relief soon! But at least is your new place nice with more space?



  3. You know how sad I feel for the poor other birdie and I hope that Pristine wasn’t too sad (or you for that matter). I LOVE the name George for the other bird, I think it is sweet!
    Hope your other coworkers are able to return to UAE soon to help you with the workload.
    Please send my love and best wishes to Rose for a happy, healthy baby when you next talk to her.
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Self Portrait Sunday: Me and My "Babies" =-.



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