And it got crackin’

Pristine screamed from the other room. “Maaaamaaaaa, come! come!!!!”

I ran like a mad woman, with soapy hands thinking of a thousand and one things as the reason for all the panic. “Get the camera! Get the camera!”, she said. Pristine was by the window, all smiles and eyes oh so wide for this:

cracked 1-1

The nest outside our apartment window had just showed some drastic changes.

birdling 1-1

Closer, closer.

birdling 2-1

Awww. Isn’t it the cutest? But made us wonder, how did it ever fit into the egg as small as the other one in the nest? HOW?

While we were busy cooing over the new baby bird, the mom came back. Pristine said, “Congratulations, mommy bird!” LOL. The mommy bird was pacing back and forth, cautious of our movements. Though the mirror is one-way (we can’t be seen outside but we can see from the inside), the bird definitely knows someone’s near.

mommy bird came back cautious-1

After she thought everything was clear, she came back to the nest to warm her new baby and the other egg too.

mommy bird back to nest-1

Now, we are anticipating the arrival of the other baby bird inside egg #2. That egg was laid a few days after egg #1 so it might crack soon…or not. It’s exciting.

Now, Pristine is busy thinking of names for baby bird #1. Any suggestions?


  1. Yay, congratulations to mommy bird indeed!!! And to you and to Pristine 🙂

    These pictures are so precious!

    Have you ladies thought about what to name the baby birds yet?

    No name yet..Pristine hasn’t decided because she doesn’t know if it’s a boy or girl birdie LOL!

    .-= nadia´s last blog ..Post-Engagement Report and a Job Offer =-.



  2. Though Tweety would be an appropriate name for a bird, if would be more fun to call the first one “bear” or some other type of animal…. becuase then it would really throw people off 😉

    So cute! We had some birds like that last yr 😉

    Tweety! Yeah, why we didn’t think of that 😀
    I’ll suggest it to Pristine, she had names listed out.



  3. Oh so cool!!! I wondered how the bird was sitting mostly calmly while you took pictures, not I know it’s your windows!

    Windows in Dubai are mostly like that..for privacy and most of the reason is to ward off the too bright sun during summer.

    But our one way window only works during daytime. At night, people can see us from outside.



  4. OMG! That’s such a beautiful thing to witness 🙂
    I bet you both were so excited-Maybe even more so then the momma bird! LOL
    I can’t wait to hear what names you guys come up with!

    Pristine is tallying up the name list and we’ll announce the name soon…Pristine is in dilemma though as she doesn’t know if the little birdie is a boy or a girl so she can’t decide on a name!

    .-= Kayla ´s last blog ..Long Overdue!-Petite Chacal =-.



  5. so gorgeous – it’s good karma for your new home!!

    We’re waiting for the other egg to crack..we hope it will! It’s sad if mommy bird leave it just like that…and Pristine asked, “what happens to uncracked eggs, mama?” I have no answer.



  6. congratulations! Since there are two… perhaps you could give them two paired names? like … Dovey or Lovey, something like that.



  7. ooooh how precious! …hmm precious might be an interesting name option for boy or girl birdy. Or Mario/Marial since its born in March? Just in the case the other egg doesn’t make it, it might help to tell her about birdy heavan where beautiful leaves, branches & trees are home to the most lovely birdys..(or if it disappears, you could quickly say eggs can also become food?? or is that too nuts? at least its sort of feasible??) Love your blog!!!

    Birdy heaven..LOL!
    We do hope the bird on the other egg sees the light on Birdy earth



  8. Wow… I love it! I was wondering (from your last post about the nest) if it had hatched. What a perfect place for the nest so you are able to watch!



  9. I agree with everyone else… it is definitely a good omen for your new home!
    You actually had me in tears, I was so happy for you and Pristine, her smiling face is just so beautiful and happy.
    I like the name Sunshine, but I’m just a sappy girl! 🙂
    I’m praying for the other egg so you don’t have to explain anything sad to P.
    Thanks for the photos… thay made my night!
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Dannon Light & Fit Commercial =-.



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