Nest update

A work colleague has asked me, “How’s the new place? Enjoying?”. I just nodded and smiled at her but when I walked to my car to drive back home, I couldn’t help but think : “Am I spending enough time in our new apartment to be able to really enjoy it?”

So I calculated: I leave for work at 8am and come back at 7:30, sometimes 8pm = 12 hours spent outside!!

That means, since like all creatures on Earth, there’s only 24 hours for me and I only spend 12 hours of it in my home, (mostly) 8 of which I’m sleeping, that makes 4 hours ‘extra’ hours only per day.

About 2 hours of that is spent on the kitchen making meals, preparing lunch boxes or in the bedroom folding laundry. No wonder there’s hardly any room for movie viewing or “house decorating”  (our place looks really beige) for me. The remaining 2 hours is helping Pristine with her assignment, listening to her stories, reading her bedtime stories and occasionally listen to my mother discuss about Edward and Bella (she’s almost finished with the 4th book!) like they lived next door.

On Fridays (my day off) I get to lazy around. So thank God for that.

So the point is, I want to spend more time at home but that’s just not possible right now with the extra work I have (not complaining just…tired). I can only maximize the time I have with me to do the things I love to do at home. Right now, it includes watching out for the nest outside our window:

nest outside window

NOTICE ANYTHING DIFFERENT from the last photo??

YES! There are two eggs now! Here’s a closer look:

two eggs

The mother bird sat on the nest for quite some time and we had to wait and wait until the mother bird fly out to take a photo of the nest. She has to go and find food for herself so we waited for that moment!

We were tempted to put some grains but afraid some other birds might see it, swoop and destroy the nest so we just let nature do its own thing. It’s difficult to put food anyway because we can’t open the window on that side where the nest is.

I can’t believe the sacrifice made by moms (even birds) — they practically starve just to warm their young. I feel so much for the bird because there’s not much food here in desert land. She flies out and goes back in like, two minutes.

Okies, that’s it for now…it’s the last day of work for the week today. I’m looking forward to ‘enjoying’ time at home on my day off tomorrow. Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Do you only get one day off a week?

    Actually I get 1.5 days off: Friday, whole day and Saturday where I only work from 9 am to 1:30 pm…but still it means I have to wake up on Sat and drive to work…*sigh*

    Most of the expats here in the UAE have Friday-Saturdays off so I hope you too!

    .-= George McKee´s last blog ..The Open Air Vegetable Market =-.



  2. You are definitely a hard worker Grace! I have no doubt that Karma is going to reward you in the near future-Hopefully SOON 🙂
    Those pictures are just so adorable. I’m amazed at the power of Our Mother!!

    Hard worker = no choice right now. I hope my colleagues come back real soon. We are so understaffed…work just don’t end!!

    .-= Kayla´s last blog ..Give the Gift of a Smile-EvenAndy =-.



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