The storm has passed, but not quite


All is well in Dubai again after a very strange thunderstorm – the skies have cleared and the sun appeared again. I do not wish for that kind of rain again. The roads are scary and every time it rains I do not have an umbrella with me and there’s not one sold at the convenience store on the ground floor. I miss those very handy transparent umbrellas in Japan.

However, my work desk resembles a place battered by storm. Papers here and there waiting to be tackled on. I came home last night so tired that I slept at 8:30 pm without washing my face (but I do not put any makeup during the day so it’s ok?). I do not like to be tired because of work, especially if I am just sitting for 8.5 hours burning zero calories but  producing enough cortisol to increase my ass size.



The thing is, we have a situation at the office. There are 6 people in the team, each assigned specific tasks. One of my colleagues went back to India last January to have his honeymoon for 50 days (wow, I like his life). As soon as he comes back, another colleague will go for vacation, for 50 days again. Not for honeymoon but usual vacation – they do take vacation like a maternity leave! The first guy was supposed to come back a few weeks ago but then someone stole his bag containing his passport (along with money and gold for his new wife) the day he arrived at Hyderabad airport. He said it took the thief only 3 seconds to grab the bag from him when he put it down to call a taxi cab.

Lesson learned: Hold on to dear bag when calling a cab in India. Never put the bag down no matter how heavy it is!

So, he has to apply for a new passport again and in India, everyone swears it takes ages to get it done.

The second guy already booked tickets and he went. The kind of “went without looking, backlogs be damned!”. I’ve taken the work load of the second guy added to my normal work load. And maybe half of the other guy’s work, too. I could go on and on but it only meant one thing: no time for (more) blogging, editing photos to post, not much time on Twitter or for the washroom either.

So yeah, that’s pretty much what’s happening in my life now (work, overtime, home) — I hope yours is more interesting!

11 thoughts on “The storm has passed, but not quite

  1. Well, my day yesterday was interesting as I had to leave the UAE back for home. Going through the airport is such an experience. I’ll be back in two months after my papers are processes to come back to work and live.


  2. Aw, on top of moving too? You must be wiped out! I’m sorry! I hope your colleague makes it back soon!!!
    And no, I never wash my face at night unless I wore makeup that day so don’t feel too bad… 😉


  3. Mine’s just so-so… Slept late last night. We had a long chat with a housemate and her visitor. Suddenly, it’s 12 midnight. At least the rain’s over and the roads are dry.

    I didn’t go back the other day in the afternoon to the office, hubby didn’t like me dipping my legs again on the flood because he’s scared about the infection you were mentioning. We went down together and then after realizing the road wasn’t yet dry, he had me go back.

    Never mind about not washing your face. It’s just a single night.
    .-= rose´s last blog ..told you it gets crazy when it rains here =-.


  4. What? They take 50 day vacations?! How does anyone get anything done? Oh, they rely on you. How annoying that has to be for you. I hope you can catch up soon somehow and maybe you’re due for a 50 day vacation too?

    We do have 30 days of vacation every year but most of them extend for 15-20 days even without pay. In India, they can streeeetch their vacation money like that.

    I am due for a 30-day vacation in November yet 😦

    .-= Tired Mom Tésa´s last blog ..Greenie2Steps Whimsical Wall Art =-.


  5. 50 days vacations!!!! I will never back to job after that.



  6. Some girl should get a pay raise or at least a bonus. 🙂

    I just want to spend more time at home with my daughter. Sometimes I go home and she’s already asleep


  7. Sheesh… no wonder you are so tired. I hope you get some help soon. How terrible to have your money and passport stolen, I hope things work out well for your colleague. What an awful way to start out a marriage.
    I know you cannot wait for your vacation in November so you can hang out with Pristine. Will you get to go back to Japan? Maybe you’ll get to bring back a couple of those cool clear umbrellas, those were cute. 🙂
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Dannon Light & Fit Commercial =-.


  8. Dubai is a pretty nice city but there is a small problem, the rent is too high, so for a studio you are supposed to pay smth like 20K USD per annum, and if you are working as a sales clerk in Mexx with a salary of smth like 1,2 K per month you won’t earn enough for you living.


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