Torrential rains in the desert!?

Looking at the blue skies and sun coming out today, last night seemed like a distant nightmare. It rained heavily, like those rains in the tropical rainforests of South-East Asia. We’re talking of buckets upon buckets of rain being poured all at once kind of thunderstorm.


Ok, no problem…would be relaxing even had we been home, safe and warm under our blankets. After all, I do love some rain.

Thing is, we weren’t home but we’re in a clinic to rush Pristine due to her complaints of pain in her right wrist and forearm. Her hands swelled and she developed fever. After an hour at the clinic, we were given clearance – it was nothing serious but a severe allergy triggered “possibly” by an insect bite (unknown insect). She is highly allergic to these kind of things that’s why I don’t do so many trips back to the Philippines with her.

Anyway, when we went out, there was thunder and lightning and big fat raindrops coming from the skies! We are not used to heavy rains here in Dubai and last night was out of this world. We waited and waited only to see the roads disappear as flood waters rose. We checked our car – half of the tires are submerged and the security at the parking lot has fled, locking the parking barrier.

We had no umbrella, no rain boots, no car.

At 10:30 pm, Pristine was so tired, sleepy, in pain and hungry. We braved the rain and walked to a hotel apartment beside the hospital building. Soaked and wet we asked for a room and thankfully, there was ONE left!

I ran a hot bath for Pristine and I, ordered room service food for her (what a life! she liked it) and jumped into bed while the rain still battered Dubai way past midnight. When I turned off the lights, it was so dark with the blackout curtains and Pristine said:

“Mom, I can’t see your face!”

I said it’s ok, it’s because of the curtains and told her to close her eyes.

“But I don’t want to close my eyes and sleep without seeing your face!”

Oh Lord, what drama. I turned on the head light she smiled, kissed me and we slept peacefully at last!


Today, there’s news of severe flooding in Dubai and the next emirate of Sharjah with lots of roads being blocked and impassable. That said, the skies are getting dark again, I’ll run now before it rains again!!

(It’s 7 pm, I just finished my work and just have to write a blog post as we have no internet at home…2 weeks after we moved in!)


  1. At least someone had enjoyed the impromptu hotel stay! And I think it was very sweet that she wanted to see your face first before going to sleep. 🙂

    We’re still waiting for it to rain in Riyadh.
    .-= CandyQ´s last blog ..Turkish delights =-.



  2. Crazy! We had a sunny day Thursday, then that night it started raining and rained hard for 24 hours. That’s not normal for where we live! I blamed my in-laws who came Friday night that they had brought it with them since it is normal for where they live in Oregon! But yesterday and today the sun came out again and I have crocus’ blooming (the earliest spring flower). 🙂



  3. I can understand the civil engineers not designing storm drains in the roads as rain is so rare, but they could at least point the angle of the runoff towards the ocean. I noticed two and three foot “puddles” along the roadside the day after. And coincidentally, the mosquitoes were out the next day.



  4. Bug allergy bites suck. I am glad your daughter is doing better. One of my daughters is allergic to a certain spider, she had welts all over her legs after a bite behind the knees.
    Hope your electric is back on now.



  5. Oh, poor little Pristine, I can empathize with her… I have a terrible allergy to mosquito bites. I have scars all over my legs and hands from them, I swell and get infected from their stingers. I am glad she is doing better and enjoyed her night in the hotel and room service. How sweet that she wanted to see your face before she could go to sleep. She really is a precious little one.
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Dannon Light & Fit Commercial =-.



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